Citadel Chaos Beastmen Gors (Michael Perry, 1995-6)

Chaos Chaos Beastmen Gors (Michael Perry, 1995-6) Citadel Miniatures Warhammer Fantasy

Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of an Oldhammerer, and I’ve got a decent collection of the original Realm of Chaos models, including beastmen of the chaos dieties, and even some of the Beastman Champions of Chaos models.

As much as I love those older models (many sculpted by Jes Goodwin), my favourite series of Beastmen that were sculpted in a consistent manner are Michael Perry’s line of goat-headed models, initially sculpted and released in the mid-1990’s. These models were later specified as “Gors”, and joined by Ungors, Bestigors, Centigors and so on – as they became the template of all non-specifically-aligned beastmen in Warhammer lore right up to current times. While the recent return of Tzaangor were a welcome release, and we await Khorngor and Slaangor (and wonder what happened to the anticipated Pestigor), these have become the archetypical Games Workshop Beastmen – and yes, they’re still pretty much Broo in their heritage and lineage.

Chaos Chaos Beastmen Gors (Michael Perry, 1995-6) Citadel Miniatures Warhammer Fantasy

Shields are taken from the later, plastic line of beastmen. I like those models a lot as well, though not as much as these earlier metals. Their shields, however are perfect for these and convey a nice, wild and feral feel much more effectively than the standard plastic shields of the day.

If it were next month, these three would count as Neglected Models. I don’t remember when I started them, or even why. But April has been a tough month for painting motivation, and I’ve not gotten a whole lot done. Certainly nothing like I’d planned. I’ve assembled a bunch of smaller models, rather than something especially large and impressive – and worse – nothing that I really want to show off or share here on the blog in their current states. So turning to a few older models still sitting on the desk and getting them complete has at least given me the chance to feel a little bit productive.

19 thoughts on “Citadel Chaos Beastmen Gors (Michael Perry, 1995-6)

  1. One of the most awesome minis range. Chariots, ungors, gors, bestigors, characters, everything la incredible … and before in V5… 2 wounds ! I have a massive army of them, love my un beastmen !
    My tournament love army ! 😍

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    • I agree wholeheartedly! They’re an amazing Range. I lack any Centigors and I’ve only got a few Bestigors (I think) but they’re a truly fantastic range of models. I should grab another couple of these out to work on as well…

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  2. I think these look great! They’ve got quite a presence about them, maybe more than bigger minis might have! And I’d bet that even though you don’t feel like you’ve got much done recently, you’d be surprised at how much further on you’ve got! If I’d only painted this three minis in April I’d have been well pleased!

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    • Well, I’m only on 10 completed models for this month, which is more than a bit shy of the 30(+) I’d have liked to have done. Then again, there’s still 4 days left, so I’ll see what I can pull out over the weekend.

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  3. Great looking models and nicely painted skin. The metal too, your metal technique never gets old. I think it’s mainly due to the well balanced lighting. Nice shadows, but not overly dark like a dry brush, and not too bright and shiny either.

    And perfect timing for painting some Beastmen, as the Chaos team for Blood Bowl should be up for preorder soon!

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    • Thanks mate. I need to get that simple tutorial up sometime, though in my defence I haven’t had a particularly good model around in the queue to use as an example. Just ordered the Chaos Chosen team myself last night. I think I’ll have to replace the heads on the Warriors, though!

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      • No worries on the tutorial, I just like looking at the “shiny stuff”!

        Nice, I preordered the Chaos Chosen team too. I might end up buying some Willy Miniatures Chaos Warriors to replace the ones in the GW box. Will see. The Beastmen look really sweet.

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      • Yeah, the quality of the Beastmen is what sold me on the Chaos team in the end (I was initially going to skip them). The Willy Miniatures Warriors look great, but then there are SO many amazing third-party Bloodbowl models out there…

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  4. Great work on the trio. The shields are a great addition – they’re far more detailed than their plain counterparts, and having detailed models obscured by boring plain discs is a shame.

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    • Yeah, I could easily have (and would have) freehanded something on the plain shields, but these ones really say “beastman” much more effectively. I’ll still use traditional old-school shields with painted designs on my Realm of Chaos Beastmen, since overt chaos symbols fit those ones much more.


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