Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen III: Dog-faced Khorngor I

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Khorngor Beastmen of Khorne

A few more of my old Beastmen from the Realm of Chaos era. This time, a foursome of Khorngor – Beastmen of Khorne. Distinguished by their visages being of dogs, which was a distinctive Khorne thing back then, but has pretty much faded away over time. All four (ok, three!) are Jes Goodwin sculpts. I had two of this sculpt, and as always when I ended up with duplicates in the past – particularly for more individual models such as Chaos ones, I wanted to distinguish them. I did so with both their fur and flesh colours as well as their shields. Military green loincloths provided both some contrast and a way for them to occasionally be part of a Traitor Imperial Guard regiment.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Shields of the Khorngor

Very distinct shields provide a couple of quite different takes on the Rune of Khorne. One influenced by Ian Miller’s work, and the other being a little more abstract, but still recognisable. Shaving the rims off those old plastic shields was (and still is) a simple matter that gives a bit more real estate to play with while giving those shields quite a different look and feel.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of the Khorngor

These two were both painted in the 1990’s and required relatively little work to update. Cleaning up and re-brightening the metal and some of the lacquered red armour, as well as rebasing.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

A pair of Bulldog-faced Khorngor

These next two aren’t duplicate sculpts, but they’re close. They clearly share the same base sculpt, most likely the one on our left as the one with chainmail and tentacle feels more like a conversion. Again I’ve trimmed the rim off the shield to give more space. The skull is freehand, as is the smaller rune of Khorne on its forehead.

Citadel Oldhammer Realm of Chaos Beastmen

Rear view of Bulldog-faced Khorngor

Once again, these two needed just a little cleaning up in spots redoing the belt on one and the axe on the other – and following the same general colour notes as the previous two models.

10 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness Beastmen III: Dog-faced Khorngor I

  1. Very nice as ever. I do like the current crop of beastmen but I miss the range of creatures represented by these older models. Would be nice to see some bears, dogs etc (or even stranger chaos-weres amongst the modern goats. Would be good to see a return of Khornegores, Pestigores etc as well of course.

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    • It would be good to see some variation or sub-lists of these things. I guess with Fantasy’s new direction we might see some new-fashioned Khorngor at some stage, but I can’t see them being much like the old.

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  2. I’m with Wudugast, while I enjoy the modern beastmen miniatures I do wish there wasn’t such a tunnelled focus on the Hircine element. These miniatures prove that point.
    I particularly like the Khorngor shields – simple, effective and well executed!


    • Thank you. I’ve always enjoyed mucking around with shields, though they do also annoy sometimes since they’re another step in the way of getting models done – especially when I decide I want to freehand something interesting on them!

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