Painting December: Gigantic Fashion Choices

Yeah, I know.

Lots of posts right now. I usually try to do one every two days when I’m posting a lot, and rarely even down to one a day – but since I’m on holidays from work right now, and also soliciting feedback on the three figures I’ve been working on, I’m pushing out a fair few more posts than usual. So apologies if it seems like spam – I’m simply wanting to get these guys finished before December is done – and maybe even start another figure or two?

So here’s the Marauder giant WIP. I’ll worry about this bloke’s base in a day or two. Right now, I’m trying to work out what to do with his tunic. His skin is still very wip, though his hair is close to done now. I’ve gone ginger with him – I thought from feel but I noticed that the box art has a ginger giant on it as well, so it’s probably seeped in at least partly through osmosis over the years. Still, he’s giving me a kind of west country farmer combined with celt – despite the cut sleeves that are much more Swiss-German. As far as his extra bits, the barrel will be finished tomorrow, and the sword is pretty much done, barring varnish.

Marauder Giant needing some fashion choices.

So the problem I’ve got is how to paint his clothing. As I’ve said, I’d prefer to avoid the patchwork style of the box art, even though I’ve seen some lovely examples online. I’m tossing up whether to go for a mono-colour, some kind of [i]simple[/i] heraldic device (chevron or par chevron, etc) in two colours – red with a black par chevron? – or perhaps tartan? – though painting tartan on something this size could be nightmarish. I think he’d look great with a plaid over his shoulder, but I’m simply not willing to do any conversion to this figure that I’ve had for such a long time. I could buy another one, but that would be a bit excessive, even for me.

8 thoughts on “Painting December: Gigantic Fashion Choices

  1. Hmmm… he’s got a bit of a Little John vibe going on to my eye (of Robin Hood fame)… You know the actor from the Kevin Costna movie? I’m sure you can squeeze a bit of tartan in there too 🙂


    • I’d never seen the Costner film, but google helped me see the Little John that you’re referencing. I’m just not sure about muted, natural colours for this guy. he seems like the sort to be out, loud and proud. So to speak.

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  2. If you are going for tartan, I’d say mostly blue and green, to contrast with the skin and ginger hair. Personally I like the patchwork look of different fabrics stitched together, as it helps to indicate the giant’s size, since otherwise it can end up looking like a human in a different scale.

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    • I completely see where you’re coming from on the red vs green issue, though I’m leaning more and more to a nice bright red plaid for him. He’s a giant, so standing out like dog’s bollocks is kind of his thing – and red does that much more effectively then green. I’d change the colours of his sandal straps if I decide to go red, though.
      On the patchwork issue – He’s got quite a few size markers on the sculpts, and while I’ve seen some really nice renditions of it, there are also some real shockers too. His outfit being so nicely tailored also makes me lean away from it. If I could come up with a solution I’m happy with, he’d probably be finished by now.


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