Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Gothic Tank Traps (Dragon’s Teeth)

Secret Weapon Miniatures 40k Gothic Dragon's Teeth Tank Traps

A year (or two? three? I seem to lose track so easily!) or so ago I got a whole bunch of resin scenery bits along with some secondhand models from a local guy. As what seems to always happen, I put some of the terrain away to one side with the intention of quickly painting them up, and then naturally lost track of where I’d put the damned things for literally months. Over my Christmas/Summer break – which is when I tend to like doing scenery due to good spraying and drying weather along with time off work, I found them again and this time got them out and knocked them out. Mostly drybrushing with greys, painting the metal parts and then painting Army Painter Dip over the lot before a matt varnish.

Secret Weapon Miniatures 40k Gothic Dragon's Teeth Tank Traps. Cadian Shock Troops, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum

Here they are “in action” on my Urbanmatz Badlands Mat, alongside my Imperial Guard, along with the recently-painted Sedition Wars barricades and crates. Yep, I’ve had a real focus on getting my battlefields sorted this year, and scatter terrain is something that really adds those little details in and around the larger centrepiece bits of scenery. These also work as a nice denial-of-area set, and by not basing them, they can work on any table and are completely modular in terms of deployment options.

Secret Weapon Miniatures 40k Gothic Dragon's Teeth Tank Traps. Cadian Shock Troops, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum

I’m not sure who the manufacturer of these is. They look like they might be OOP Forge World pieces, but I haven’t been able to confirm. They could just as easily be from one of the many other UK or Polish scenery outfits. (Edit – Thanks to Richard Cowen and also Dr.Mathias over on Dakka for pointing out that they’re actually Secret Weapon MiniaturesGothic Tank Traps. Which is great since I now know where I can get more, and also now you know where to get some from!) Either way, they’re pretty nice looking and fit 40k very well, and could probably even pass muster for a historical or moderns game. If you squint a little. 😉

Since finding out that they’re SWM terrain pieces, I may as well link to my previous efforts with Justin’s terrain in that line. Some Hesco Barriers and some Plastic Jersey Barriers.

12 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Secret Weapon Miniatures’ Gothic Tank Traps (Dragon’s Teeth)

  1. You’re knocking out these post on a lot of scatter terrain pieces that is been eyeing lately. The tents and these tank traps are high up on the list. Your post are really helping me out here. 🙂

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    • Cheers Thomas. With the weather finally turning, most likely my terrain stuff will now slow to a crawl until pretty much Christmas and January. It’s that combination of good spraying and drying weather alongside time off work to work on the next stage of things every few hours.

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    • Cool, thanks Richard. I actually have a bunch of Justin’s Jersey barriers as well. Some of the “plastic” ones that it seems I’ve never photographed (I’ll sneak them into another update) and an absolute ton of the concrete ones that I was working on a year ago, which got waylaid by an attempt to “The Division” a bunch of them up with my anal attempts at trying to achieve perfect consistency on the hazard stripes…


  2. You’ve got me thinking about the modular aspect and basing and that is helpful. I recently got some armorcast sci-fi industrial terrain that was airbrushed but that’s about it. Going to use the Quickshade as well. Nicely done and thanks for the tips!

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