More Rackham Confrontation Walls

Rackham Confrontation Walls

Back in 2014 I painted up a batch of the walls that came with Rackham’s Plastic Confrontation starter sets. A couple of months ago, I found a few more walls inside some sets I hadn’t noticed the first time, so I got them out and put them in a box. And then forgot/lost them for months, then found them, let them sit there for more months, and just recently made myself get them done.

Rackham Confrontation Walls

Pretty simple to do – Spray paint grey, then a few layers of drybrushing various greys culminating in an off-white. Add some weathering powder, then a heavy varnish of gloss, then matt to ensure solid protection.

Rackham Confrontation Walls

A Viking, a Space Marine and a Dwarf (walk into a bar) all provide scale and show how well such generic scenery works with figures across the gaming spectrum. I really need to get some WW2 and/or Moderns painted up to join in on these sorts of scale pics.

Rackham Confrontation Walls

As with the last set, the complete lot of them has four “full” walls and four of the broken down walls. Obviously this is just five of the eight in this set. I’ll get some proper photos of the full set combined with the previous set up shortly.

5 thoughts on “More Rackham Confrontation Walls

  1. I really like those. They are simple in concept, but have rich detailing: diffrent stone shapes and realistic layering of stones, broken archways or windows etc. Your paintjob is as always excellent. Subdued colours, no smearing, good use of weathering powders. Long live Confrontation (well it is kinda undead, but we all now the undead always come back)!

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    • Thank you. They really are excellent sculpts and I’d tell anyone to pick them up if you happened to see them. A little repetitive perhaps with only two sculpts, but they’re so far ahead of most walls being put out even today (like the Renedra ones) it’s ridiculous. I achieved what I wanted with these, which was nice generic walls with a muted scheme that works nicely enough in pretty much whataver context I drop them onto the table for. The powders really did help with that.


      • These are plastic. Not 100% sure if they’re ABS, HIPS or that “DUST Plastic” but they’re solid and paint up as well as anything else. If you ever see them about for a reasonable price, they’re well worth picking some up.


      • I missed a big closing sale of a gaming store that still had some Confro stuff. I was unfortunatly in another country and didn’t get the news in time to send my brother out on a scavenging mission. Maybe in time I’ll find a set.


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