Rogue Trader Black Templars Terminators Pt.1 (RTB09, 1989)

A little over 10 or so years ago, I’d returned to full-time study, with all of the financial awesome that comes with. I wanted more models, so I decided to sell off some old stuff I wasn’t using to finance it. I attempted to sell off a box of Chaos Terminators and a set of Original RT Terminators, but no-one was interested in these old models (this was in the days before “Oldhammer” was cool!) Right, I thought. If no-one is interested in them unpainted, maybe they’ll be interested if I paint them. Since we were in the era of 3rd/4th edition 40k and new rules, I decided that Black Templars would be a good choice, since black would be easy to paint, and they were riding a wave of popularity, being relatively new and shiny. So yeah. I got one figure almost finished, lost one, started on a replacement, and into the figure case they went for a decade, forgotten.

A couple of months ago, with the rumours of 40k 8th Edition starting to flow and right after painting some Minotaurs or Iron Warriors, I decided to have a look through some of my old figure cases to see what was in there in terms of Power Armour. I figured it was better to try and finish some older stuff before moving onto starting new squads for the Minos or IWs. Besides, it’d give me something different to paint. One of the things I found was the squad of (now 6) Black Templars. Missing a couple of arms, and based on 25mm rounds, but there they were. All but one needed a lot of work, and the one that didn’t needed a decent amount anyway.

So I decided to finish them, and did. I ordered some various cross transfers from Ginfritter’s Gnomish Workshop/Armorcast that I used on some of the models (review to come shortly). while keeping some freehand on them. I’ll post up the other half of the squad (need to check the new rules) tomorrow, along with some discussion on my (limited) colour choices.

13 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Black Templars Terminators Pt.1 (RTB09, 1989)

  1. I still have those Terminators (they’re from the eight pack, right?). Somewhere. I think I’ve cut up a few of the for bits. I used them in first edition Space Hulk way back when.

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    • That’s the one. I cut up a couple of the models from that era for projects (that I never finished, because of course bloody not. I’ll have to see if I can find those to complete as well!


  2. Very nice work on these, especially on the heraldry. The stone crux terminatus also came out really well. I’ve tried to paint my original squad several times over the years but never really finished them. Currently, they are awaiting repainting as Scythes of the Emperor.

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    • Thanks Subedai. I’m pretty happy having just managed to finish them finally! Scythes of the Emperor? I understand why they’re taking so long in that case. Don’t they only have about 4 suits of Terminator armour right now? I plan to do a (tactical) squad of them to mix into my Crusade Army at some stage.


      • I am working on some 1/30 scale Vikings by Pvblvis and Conte at the moment. I try to get some time once a week to paint, sometimes it is not possible. During the week I travel almost 4 hours a day back & forth to work, and then I have one lazy day at home for the weekend to do things. I can’t wait to retire, lol. One day I hope to get to them, plus repaint some space marines that I got like 25 years ago.

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