Small Scenics: Armorcast Short High-Tech Walls 4″ and 6″ for Necromunda/Shadow War/40k

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

Another couple pieces of simple sci-fi terrain today, again dating from the 1990’s. These are Armorcast’s “Short” Sci-Fi Walls. Fairly simple casts, and rather simply painted by my good self back in the ’90s. These were a matter of spray black, drybrush gunmetal/chainmail/etc, and then pick out some parts using copper and brass before finally adding some burnt metal around the blast holes and a few decals for interest.

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

They look a little plain to me today. If anything, I think they could do with a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone (Black) to emphasise the panel lines and rivets followed by a bit of a detail pick-type drybrush of a brighter steel. Then a bit of either oil wash or rust. I might mentally file that as something to get done once the weather warms up again in November/December as it’s a horrible time of year for working on scenery right now. Then I can show these again!

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

Despite their simplicity and their age, I think these are still pretty nice pieces. Both the 4″ and 6″ versions are still available from Armorcast, and for a pretty reasonable price. If not for the current cost of shipping from the U.S., I’d probably drop a couple of hundred on some more of these and some of their other good looking stuff. There’s a July coupon with 10% off and free shipping over $200, and apparently it works for people outside the U.S….

Armorcast Short Sci-Fi Walls

As always, I’m not receiving anything for pimping their stuff, I paid full retail for these (in the 1990’s) and my opinions are my own – though after publishing this post I will be bringing it to Armourcast/Ginfritter’s attention, which is something I usually do after reviewing or sharing more obscure items, because why the hell not?


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