Necromunda ’95! – A first pair of Escher Gangers updated.

So I’ve started to look into my archives and bring out some of my Necromunda figures and give them the 2017 treatment. This means finishing figures that were never completed, giving them new bases – and of course – de-skittling them. I’m going to do them a pair at a time for the time being, since it means I can concentrate on the models as individuals and actually get them done – something I find much, much harder when doing models in larger groups – even 10 at a time for anything that’s not-identical.

Rather then typing a lot of words, I’ll just show the models.

Here’s how they were previously. Not a lot of changes: dirt bases, since I wanted them to be as generic as possible at the time. I was never happy with the tiger striping on the leggings, so they were cleaned up. While I think the green armour plates looked decent, it did lead to a bit too much happening in terms of colours. Scabbards have been changed to a dark blue, and I’ve changed the weapon furniture from green (originally designed to look the same as my Imperial Guard) to greys. I did leave the shotgun belts and some other pouches in a light khaki green.

They’re still pretty bright and colourful, but at least they’re a little less like skittles…

13 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – A first pair of Escher Gangers updated.

    • The tiger stripes are a good concept – they just weren’t done well enough on that model. I’ll be revisiting them on (at least) one more model in the Escher, though. Hopefully with better results.
      I’ll be ordering two copies of Necro. Mo’ Tiles, Mo’ Models!

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    • Thanks! there are some real gems amongst the original Escher – of course being Jes Goodwin sculpts, that’s to be expected. It’ll be interesting to see the old and new literally side by side in a few weeks.

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      • I haven’t been happy with any of the Escher photos yet. I must say I prefer them having sensible-ish shoes rather than the heels of the new models, and some of them seem laden down with too many fiddly bits, but we’ll wait and see how they are in hand. I don’t think the poor photos so far have been especially flattering to the new models.

        I have to give credit though – the Goliaths seem leaps and bounds beyond the originals.

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  1. Pretty colorful in a good way. They look like they could be murderous, traveling minstrels, etc. dropping into the hive to entertain the proles or perhaps their about to infiltrate a bunch of Eldar? I agree that the darker bases were a good idea since the models themselves are so colorful, again, in a good way.

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    • Heh, well the Escher always seemed to be one of the more (literally) colourful gangs of the underhive. I’m just drilling out slots for the tabs of a couple more now. RL has impacted pretty severely on my painting time at present, but I’ll get them done eventually.

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