Necromunda ’95! – Escher Leader & Heavy updated (Fembruary Painting Challenge 2018)

Last November, with the release of the new edition of Necromunda imminent, I dug out some of my old gangers with a mind to updating some and completing others. Well, like so many projects, stuff happens and they get put to the side. The same thing happened with my planned completion of my 3rd Edition Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team (maybe I should add them to the list for next month’s challenge?)

Anyway, while these figures have stayed within the dozen or so figures in my “do these next” section, they’ve kept getting overtaken by queue jumpers of all description, so now I’ve finally gotten at least the first two of five done, due mostly to Alex’s Fembruary challenge.

Both of these figures are 1st Edition Necromunda Escher Heavies. I simply weapon-and-backpack-swapped the pair of them, since in 1st Edition Necromunda, leaders could have a plasma gun and I needed a figure to represent that. As a bonus, the “Heavy stubber” model featured braids, which resembled Susan Veraghen, who was a truly kick-ass warrior in the Grendel: War Child mini-series, as well as in some of the subsequent stories told in issues of Grendel Tales.

For my Necromunda gang, she was renamed Zarina Veraghen, and was my gang leader. Not Escher, though. My gang of those days was called “Grendel” and was composed of both male and female figures. I used different gang templates over different campaigns (and only Van Saar once or twice, despite “Techno!”)

The other heavy with mask remained a heavy, and was used simply with the Heavy Stubber, which I tended to use as my starting heavy weapon – I think, it’s been awhile!

I’ve always been happy with how the heavy came out. I think she’s a good example of having the tiger-striping on the leggings turn out well.

She’s also a good example of tattoos having turned out quite well. If I were doing them today, I’d have mixed in a bit of flesh to give them that sub-dermal look, but since I’m already happy with them I decided not to mess with it when bringing these two models up to date. I guess her tatts have been recently touched-up.

Really, this pair are very much the same as in their original state as far as the paint goes. New bases for the new generation, and a little bit of touch-up here and there is all it took.



If painting them from scratch today, I’d have probably toned down the brightness levels on some of their accoutrements, but I think they still work well enough today, despite being a little garish.

But, you know, new figures painted from scratch, and those finished from a half-done point will probably not have all of the primary colours on them so prominently. Probably.

And here’s the four of them together. Skittles, anyone?

28 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – Escher Leader & Heavy updated (Fembruary Painting Challenge 2018)

    • Yeah. Theoretically my first port of call should be updating and finishing the original “completed” and part-painted models before touching the new plastics. In practice… well, we’ll see what happens…


  1. Those tiger pants are amazing! From what I’ve seen, Escher are pretty vibrant, so I wouldn’t worry. Escher outfits remind of crazy glam party girls (and boys) from the 80s.

    I can’t really tell from the pics, but the bases seem to be painted in different colors in different spots. At first I thought you were using this to denote firing arcs, but it doesn’t look like that is the case. Just different floor materials, perhaps?

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    • Yeah, just adding some interest to the floor panelling. Back in original-Necro, I marked the bases for firing arc purposes, but I don’t think that’s a thing in Newcromunda (not sure, haven’t had a chance to read the rules/play it yet!)
      They do have a bit of a retro-80’s palette to them, along with a healthy dollop of punk-chick. I’ll have to paint up a couple as goths, now that you make me think of it…

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      • The new Necromunda also has firing arcs. They include different sized tokens to represent this. I think there might be mention in the rules of painting the figure’s base to designate a firing arc as well.

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  2. Excellent! The old Escher Heavies are a couple of my all-time favourite GW Models. I would also say that, for Necromunda stuff, and particularly Eschers, ridiculously bright colours actually work out pretty well. My own new Eschers are actually brighter than the ones I did back in the 90s.

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    • Yeah, I do look forward to doing some all-new figures and seeing what I feel like doing with them once the final few started-but-unfinished ones are out of the way. Do you have a link to your original Escher models?


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