Who Let The Do- Oh, wait. I’ve used that joke twice now. Here are some Wolves. (#Squaduary 2018)

So here we have a bunch of wolves that have been sitting around since roughly forever, that Squaduary finally motivated me to git’r’done. (That’s a word, right?) I’m not going to try to claim this one as a Fembruary post, though.

These wolves come from at least three manufacturers, and possibly up to four or five. Like a dumbass, I didn’t take proper note of what was stamped in their bases before gluing them down to the Warlord Games pill bases. I think some are either Ral Partha or RAFM. Or perhaps both? And possibly some of them once belonged to a non-citadel goblin chariot of some description.

They’re painted quite simply, and unlike on Conan’s wolves, I didn’t go all-out on trying to make their fur layers stand out, or mixing in of brown into the greys, or a lot of facial markings.

There are definitely at least a couple of different sculptors’ work here, even before we get the the final two (more interesting) wolves. I seem to have forgotten to photograph one of them in a glamour shot. Ah well. It’s still in the group shot.

These two are the ones with a bit more story. The finely detailed wolf is a Mithril Miniatures Warg that I purchased back in the early 1990’s. I wanted to use this more impressive wolf for a goblin hero riding a wolf. From back when Warhammer heroes and warlords and generals rode pretty much the same beasts as their troops did. Clearly, that particular kitbash model never got completed.

The rough-as-guts wolf with the cartoony snout is one of the few remaining models that I still have from my brother’s collection. It’s a Warg from Minifigs’s Lord of the Rings line. It’s a Large Wolf from Minifigs Mythical Earth line. So this figure dates back from 1977.

Finally, a size comparison shot, so these wolves can be seen alongside a Conan Wolf, a Space Wolf Wolf, and a Space Marine. These wolves will mix pretty easily into any game that needs wolves really. From fantasy to historicals to role-playing. Maybe even Space Wolves something something. I’ll probably make them a MDF unit base or two for Kings of War, though I haven’t played that game in an age now.

20 thoughts on “Who Let The Do- Oh, wait. I’ve used that joke twice now. Here are some Wolves. (#Squaduary 2018)

    • Thanks, IRO. I wasn’t sure whether to go darker along the spine, but I left it there. Grey wolves, after all! It’s actually a nice feeling to have another one of his models painted, and especially in a way that it can be used again after so many years.

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    • Yeah, the other ones from the Conan set are better. I was really impressed with those particular sculpts and wanted to take extra time and care on them with a carefully referenced palette and individual markings.
      This batch is made of nice enough models with a good enough paintjob that still looks good on the table and in pics, but not to the standard as the Conan models.


  2. Great job, the last time I tried to paint a wolf, it turned out horrible. Probably when I was trying to learn how to dry brush. These look really nice, and when I clicked through to the Conan Wolves, I was amazed that those were even better. They are both really nice, but in different ways. I kind of like the motley pack of minis here that all come together with your paint skills. The title made me laugh too, am I really that easily amused?!

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