Mentor Legion #5 – Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

Mentor Legion Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

I’m still working my way through February’s Neglected Models, especially after I had a bit of a surge of getting stuff done at the end there, and then took a break from posting for a few days because videogames.

Mentor Legion Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

Today we have a Space Marine Chaplain from the mid-1990’s. Spefically the second range of Chaplains launched with 2nd Edition 40k when they got Jes Goodwin to slowly resculpt the entire Space Marine range. You can just barely see my Custom Mentor Legion transfer on his shoulder, peeking out under his pack here.

Mentor Legion Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

The figure and jump pack are mostly metal, and as with all of the Mentor Legion that I’ll be working my way through in the foreseeable future, were started back in early 3rd edition. And completed about a week ago. The jump pack is once again metal – pinned in place, while the little skulls on the pack are plastic details, carved off …something.

Mentor Legion Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

The skully pauldron you see here is a metal conversion piece. It might have originally been a Blood Angels pad, or possibly a chaos one. Works well enough for a Chaplain, though – so that’s what he got. The rest of the right arm is from a Chaos marine, with a 3rd edition Imperial Bolt Pistol.

Mentor Legion Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

He’s perhaps a bit colourful for a Chaplain, but at least it’s all in context this time. The green of his bolt pistol, scabbard and pouches and the white of his pauldrons reflect his chapter colours, the red is all purity seal wax in my usual colour (and the same colour used on my Mentor Legion) while the blue is a richer edge highlight colour on his black armour, and the metallic blue on his Rosarius and Crozius is a way I often represent power (fields, weapons, etc). The brass accessories add some gravitas to him, as he’s a Chaplain rather than a mere Astartes, and of course, bone for the skull-helm, scrolls and such. But yeah. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Black and White and Bone. Silver and Gold. Grimdark Chaplain!

Mentor Legion Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996) Assault Marines.

And here he is with a pair of plasma-toting bodyguards. Ready to swoop in and ruin your day! Hm, you can’t attach characters to squads anymore. I wonder how he’ll work out?

28 thoughts on “Mentor Legion #5 – Jump Pack Chaplain (Jes Goodwin, 1995-1996)

    • The Close Combat game? Man I remember those. I had a lot of fun with them back in the day.
      The thing about the Chaplain and other Marine specialists with a “special colour” is that if you go with just that, they end up just looking like a black (or white, red, blue) Space Marine and not part of their army – so I like to tie them together a little more strongly in some way while still keeping them as obviously a distinct character. Just that the colours I needed to tie this guy in with are bright green and white. 😉

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  1. Nice work on that model, always been a favourite of mine. I think the colours fit in context of the army. If the Chaplain (or Apothecary) don’t tie in with the rest of the army colours, they don’t really feel like part of the force in my opinion.

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    • Yeah all jokes aside there’s still plenty of black on him to make him look all Chaplainy. I think it’s because the green is brighter than the usual that you would see with Dark Angels. The bone ornamentation and the metallics are still pretty much in line with what you’d expect to see on a Chaplain. Perhaps not quite so many coloured metallics, but hey it’s not out of the realm of standard either.
      I just thought I’d poke a little bit of fun at myself… 🙄

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  2. He’s got some pretty armor and I like the blue on his crozius a lot. Heck, tbh, I thought he was some sort of Tzeentch Dark Apostle at first. 🙂

    Still, the green bolt pistol and holster do unify him with the scheme of the other marines and while they may or may not talk about him behind his back I bet they don’t snicker at his colorful panoply to his face!

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  3. I think that shoulder pad might actually be from the 2nd Ed Legion of the Damned. Blood Angels and Chaos are possibilities too, tho. I swapped parts around from all three for various projects, and I really don’t remember which came from where.

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    • Actually I think you’re right on the money there. I’d forgotten that those 2nd edition Legion of the Damned came with shoulder pads as well as backpacks. Great spot!


  4. Great work, I really like how he is holding the staff in pic #5. It is sort of out there like he is leading the troops, but also menacing like he might be using it to cleave someone’s noggin!

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