Squad: March! + Gender-Ambiguous Model Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

The entirety of March’s completed models.

Yeap, it’s been awhile. I’ve almost forgotten how this stuff works, but as I find time, I’ll be catching up. Aside from Swordmaster’s “Monster March” paint challenge, my own two community challenges for the month were “Squads” and of course the “Gender-Ambiguous” one.

I say “partial”, because this model is an independent hero, but also works as the leader of the Plague Censer Bearers.

Interestingly, despite it not being entirely planned that way (because of course I wanted to hit the challenge goals a few times) it turns out that with the partial exception of a single model, they all fit into either one or the other – or both. And that’s aside from a bunch of them also working for Monster March. That one model, the Plague Censer Bearer hero is also the one model out of the entire month that is clearly and undoubtedly male.

The Gender-Ambiguous models from the month.

I mean, I’m not kidding myself – and neither should anyone else. We know that pretty much all of these models were sculpted as “male”, with the exception of the Beavers, as they came from Bad Squiddo and would have been sculpted as a “beaver family” of both genders. But we also know that “female” ghosts would have cleavage, as would mummies, werewolves, and so on. I’m sure that even the Dracoliche and Dragon and Centipede were called “he” or “him” by the sculptor and/or designers rather than “she”. So the point of the month’s exercise wasn’t to fool ourselves, but to just stop, think and consider.

The month’s “Squads”.

“Squads” on the other hand, are much more straightforward. The werewolves were originally going to be 2×3 as that’s how I painted them, though it hardly matters. Similarly, the Skaven work with or without the Censer Bearer hero.

I’ll get March (and April’s) Community Round-Ups done as I can, though in the meantime I’ll try to post up some of my own stuff painted last month (in April). After a recent death in the family (not Dad), there’s a whole lot of stuff there to be sorted out, so blogging and compiling will happen at its own pace at a priority appropriate until I catch up. Still, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be painting or that I’m not happy for others to be participating in the challenges during this time…

So time for numbers – Well, at end of February I was on 79. Above, I count 36 more models (37 if I count the sabot base for the Dracoliche) so that gives me 115 at end of March. Or 116.

Next, onto April!(?!)

19 thoughts on “Squad: March! + Gender-Ambiguous Model Painting Challenge 2019: Personal Round-Up

  1. A very healthy output mate, and with everything else your going through in real life astounding ! I can’t see anyone complaining about when you post things, fit it in when you are ready mate !

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks Dave, and I have to give Swordmaster’s challenge a lot of credit for giving me the kick in the arse I needed to finally finish that Dracoliche. And Dragon. And Centipede-thing. And Plant. And Snake-Hydra…


  2. If you go down the beach today, you’re in a for a big surprise…

    Hell of a collection of beasties you’ve got there! Very best of luck with the dreaded real life stuff, blog on when you feel like it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Cheers mate. Got to have something to try and de-stress with, after all, so the little mans help provide some of that. Except when I can’t find something…


  3. You know I always like your roundups, because they make for such enjoyable potpourries of interesting models — and also betray a painting productivity that I myself can only dream of 😉 This month’s collection is especially noteworthy to me because it features several models where the sculpt itself leaves me rather cold (the Hydra would be a main offender), but your smashing paintjobs really manage to sell the piece regardless. Where are those nifty ice elementals/golems, though? If any models should register as gender-ambiguous, it would be those!

    My condolences, of course, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you RE: all possible RL related issues!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, KS. My secret to productivity is that for a few decades I was was absolutely horrible at being able to finish very much at all, leaving me with so, so many half-painted models.
      Of course, now I’m much better at finishing them, but have an unfortunate habit of starting something similar whenever I finish something off. So when I finished those Pestilens for example, I went looking for new skaven to paint. Of which I’ve finished 2/5 so far. And so the cycle continues….


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