WAAAAGH! Pt.17: Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew (Brian Nelson, 1999) (Neglected Model May ’18)

Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew, Brian Nelson

I’ve had this pair of metal grots for quite a few years now, bought in some sort of eBay transaction that I can’t even recall, probably alongside (one of the) Ork artillery pieces I have floating around here. They’ve also been sitting around on my painting desk in various states of slightly-started for the better part of about two years now. Recently, this meant that I noticed them and set to completing them, as part of the recent spate of getting a bunch of neglected models done, regardless of the “official” months’ challenge.

Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew, Brian Nelson

So I did just that. Over the course of a day or two or three, this pair of gretchin went from bases done and a messy green all over their bodies to done and now, finally, out of the way. of course, I still need to complete a weapon for them to crew. And I’ve got three or more of those. And of course, in the current rules, those weapons are crewed by five gretchin each. So… there’s still a bit of work to do there, and no doubt you’ll see these little fellas again when I start to get those done. For April’s activities, though – this is as far as I got!

16 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.17: Gretchin Grot Loaders/Big Gun Kannon crew (Brian Nelson, 1999) (Neglected Model May ’18)

    • Thank you, Dave. About to go look as soon as I finish replying to these comments. I believe I have at least one (and hopefully two) old RT-era grot models in a padlocked curiass.

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  1. Always loved the character of those two. Good to get them done, regardless of what the month’s challenge is. After all the aim of the challenges is to encourage you to get things done, not to restrict what you paint 😉

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    • Thanks Wudu – and hit that nail on the head regarding the challenges as well. There are still always a few models I’ve targeted last month and now this month due to the challenges, which is obvously a useful outcome. As long as I can continue to manage that, they’ll be worthwhile for me to keep up a a personal thing – completely aside from the community aspect.

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    • Thanks Mark, I’ve managed to find another two crew from an earlier range as well as a pair of arty pieces, so these guys may be showing up again soon(ish) alongside something to load.
      With a bit of luck.

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