Videogame Review: RAGE – id – XBox 360 (Played on X1X)

Played this because I’ve had it sitting around unopened for years now and Marouda bought me RAGE 2 recently, so I thought I’d knock this thing out finally.

But is it fun? Not really. (TL:DR: Just read the red text!)

It’s a great representation of a brown, generic shooter from the 2010 period. Well, I say “great”, but it’s far from a great game.
“Open world” driving in a small, small open world with nothing to do. And no map.
Linear, rather boring corridor “dungeons”.
Side quests that are just more of the same dungeons (often running the same place in a different direction) or essentially “race here, race there”.
Pointless economy.
Poor loading of their “megatextures”. Like, really slow, shitty pop-in. Like Fallout 76 bad.
Terrible dialogue from questgivers and NPCs. SO bad. “Only you can save humanity! Godspeed, soldier!” WTAF?

Graphics feels like a mix of discount Borderlands without the fun or humour and Fallout without a Bethesda level of polish or detail. Yes, Bethesda.
id software expert quality feel shooting mechanics awesome at least? Nope.
Boring weapons. BFG given to you in the final mission. I saved it for when I got to something big, but after fighting several waves of mutants with a shotgun…
….wait, did I just finish the game? (what I actually just said to Marouda, sitting nearby.)

I have proved my lack of judgement by making myself play through the entire thing. Will it get better? How much longer to go? Sunk cost fallacy.
I’d give the copy of the game away, but I’m afraid it will make me a bad person.

This game has no reason to exist. Thoroughly mediocre.


(No screenshots. Fuck this waste of my time!)

22 thoughts on “Videogame Review: RAGE – id – XBox 360 (Played on X1X)

      • The trend of online gaming started then, that was just a warmup for when always online wouldve come in, dont know if it ever happened tho… Bethesda has done some shady EA like stuff in the last three years…

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      • Yeah, ESO is filled with (cosmetic) loot boxes and a clever manipulation of the way their drop and inventory system works to …encourage you to subscribe to ESO+ The Creation Club for paid mods?
        Then there’s F76, which I’m very familiar with. ES Blades.. yeah. Bethesda has really fallen.
        But then – they were the pioneers of single-player cosmetic DLC with Horse Armour back in Oblivion – so it’s always been there, just more well hidden…

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      • Yeah… im sad i dont have a pc or console anymore, yet i miss it alot. Fallout new vagas i loved, one of the last” full games on a disk you bought” games i played…

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      • There’s always your birthday, or Black Friday, or the thing they have in the Netherlands instead of Christmas (or saving and buying on a sale?) X1 and PS4 are decently priced these days, and you might even be able to play MP on something with Moi!
        Fallout 4 got a bit of criticism due to the main story arc, but it’s still a pretty good time and a pretty huge title – with or without all the Season Pass extras – and it goes on sale pretty regularly.

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      • It’s not so bad, actually. Is portability VERY important? If yes, Nintendo Switch. If not, it’s PS4 or XBox One.
        At this point check out the exclusives for both platforms. PS4 has a lot more, and higher quality games in them – though that means nothing if they’re not appealing to you. So see if either has “must have” games.

        Otherwise, the power of the consoles from least to most is XBox One S < PS4 Slim < PS4 Pro < Xbox One X. Any of the four is "good enpugh", to be quite blunt. Especially for the price.
        Only exception is the "All Digital" XBox One S. Do NOT buy that one.
        Don't get fussed about the internal Hard Drive sizes, either – as you can plug an external drive into any of them for additional storage space.

        Xbox (both) allow the playing of 4k Blu-Ray Discs. Neither PS4 does.
        Both platforms can stream 4k Netflix, etc.

        Playing online from either platform requires a monthly subscription – Either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus – (you can also buy a 3-month or 12-month pass, online or in card form). Both of them come with "free" games each month that you (sort of) own forever as long as you have an active subscription. if you cancel for 3 months and them come back, you will regain access to them – so they're not lost forever.

        If you're starting with no games, then XBox Game Pass is an excellent deal. Over 100 games that you can download and play at your leisure. They do rotate more in and some out at times (kinda like Netflix) but it's a pretty amazing deal if you don't already have tons to play. Microsoft's new releases also go on there as soon as they're released, so if you're into Forza or Gears or Halo, they go up there on their release day, cost already included in your Game Pass sub so no extra charge. MS is also doing a new tier, that combines Game Pass with XBox Live for an overall cheaper price.

        PS tends to have better online digital sales, though that's offset to a large degree by Xbox's Game Pass.

        Any questions – feel free to ask away – more than happy to give info and my (very educated, and rational) opinions. I have both, so I'm not a "fanboi" of either. They both have valid pros and cons.


  1. Quite surprise by your thoughts on the game, honsestly. I, for one, greatly enjoyed Rage way more than Borderlands (sinked tens of hours in both anyway). While I greatly enjoyed Borderlads’ setting, humour and graphic style, strictly speaking of gameplay I’ve found it quite pointless, more a triple-A time-waster than a true game, requiring near-zero ability, and giving you less freedom than it seems at first: dare to try a mission a couple levels higher than you are? You’ll die as a poor bastard no matter how good you think you are with mouse and keyborad. You’re going to complete some mission you left behind, now a couple levels lower than you are? You will be an invulnerable sispenser of quick death.
    Great setting and black humour, but as a game, is quite disappointing. Sure Borderlands disappointed me. And sure, whatever the genre it belongs is, it’s not an FPS.
    To the other hand, I enjoyed Rage quite a lot, in its simplicity, I found it a more “honest” game. But if we’re speaking about FPS games, I have to admit I’m a sucker for id Software’s. I mean, I liked even Quake 4 =)

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    • Borderlands is a cross between an FPS and a diablo-style loot-based game with RPG-lite mechanics – including – as you say – area gating by using higher level mobs and a lot of “do this quest to open this door”. I’m already into that sort of thing (essentially the MMO-lite-style RPG-loot loop), so the gameplay was fine for me. It’s a FPS, but a hybrid one.

      Rage was also a hybrid, but the hybrid elements weren’t cohesive. The non-shooter elements felt simply bolted on and hung off the sides awkwardly. The open world *wasn’t*, the mini-games (5-finger filet and the card game) were kinda pointless. Maybe they were there to justify the economy of buying upgrades and ammo with cash, but there was very little to scavenge, and even that was just a mild distraction from the shooting. It’s a game that seemed to want to be a lot of things but didn’t manage to do any of them all that well.

      I mean, it’f fine that you enjoyed it – more power to you – but this is obviously my perspective. Have you played Rage 2 yet? Any thoughts?


  2. It is a nice surprise to see a video game review and an entertaining one to boot. While I suppose there are a decent number of post-apocalyptic video games now, I feel like there could be more good ones and its a shame that Rage did not live up to that. I’ve heard Rage 2 is a bit better but I’ve heard so many bad things about the first game that it is hard for me to drum up the interest and courage to try Rage 2. I do hope it treats you better than the first one did!

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I’ve done a few game reviews, though none for awhile now (they can be found over on the side tab). Often I’ve written them as I’ve worked my way through the game, so they’ve been a little diarist, at least in the writing if not the reading. Only a few have been this short and sarcastic, though! 😉
      Not sure if I should dive into R2 after R1 was so.. meh – or if I should make myself finish one of the other games that petered out for me (Wolfenstein New Order, Dishonored 1) or just choose something entirely different to play? AC:O or Witcher 3 or….?


      • Haha, I didn’t mind the conciseness or a little sarcasm either 😀 I want to play Wolfenstein and that could be a game I get next if I can ever pry myself away from digital pinball! Witcher 3 is a fantastic game and one of the very best I’ve played. I would certainly recommend it even with its crazy long length. Might cut into your painting time a bit but its worth it! 🙂

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      • I found Wolf to be an odd one. The story is pretty good, as are the shooting mechanics, but there’s a more collect-em-up in there than I like in my shooters.
        It’s a mechanic that I like much, much more in open-world games where you can visit and revisit the various locales than linear shooters, so you end up using a walkthrough to try not to miss things while at the same time trying not to spoil the plot/events – and there are more games than I’ll ever find time to play, so I don’t want to replay the whole campaign! (even for the slight fork early on – I’ll YouTube those differences).
        I enjoyed the game quite a bit though, and I tend to take my time with games. It takes me 2-3 weeks to get through a linear shooter’s campaign that someone else might plow through in a weekend. (took me 3 weeks to get through the 18 hours I spent on Rage1). I first stalled out in level 9/16 of Wolf because swimming/water puzzle levels suck, and now I’ve stalled out again on 10/16 because swimming/water levels STILL suck! I think I need a break from FPS games after Rage, though..

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      • Collecting things can definitely change the way you play and if you want to experience the story, it can definitely be a hindrance of that too. I don’t look forward to water puzzles or swimming which is never much fun in an FPS to be honest. I was wondering if maybe changing genres from FPS might be a good idea. I tend to alternate between playing an action game and then something a little slower like an RPG but I think whatever you choose, you’ll still have more fun than you did with Rage 😀

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      • Yeah, generally I also alternate between FP titles and other genres. My thoughts about going back to Wolf are more for the sake of completing it (finally) and also allowing me to play the next one when I get keen for it (Old Blood, then eventually II, then whatever the new one with the twins is called when I get to it in a year or three!)
        Only problem is that the 3rd person games and RPGs turn into huge timesinks – AC: Origins took me 6 months, and I didn’t finish all of the little map icons – by the time I got to the DLC it was literally like a daily grind to get on and go to work to clear some more shit every day, or less frequently as it started to drag out..
        I did start playing Saints Row 4 co-op with Marouda recently, so that’s been a lot of fun as well.
        Witcher III is definitely something I’ve been wanting to play for awhile now, but maybe better in a couple of weeks once I’ve go some distracting RL BS out of the way.
        Out of interest, which platforms are you gaming on?


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