July’s Models/Jewel of July 2019: Personal Round-Up

Overall completed models for July ’19

Pretty tired at the moment, hence the lack of updates over the past few days. I did just get out to the shed to take a few photos, though – so at least I can wrap up my own July Painting as well as what I finished for Jewel of July this year – and shit! I’ve just remembered that I still have forgotten to weathering powder the bases of those bloody trees!

Completed Jewels of July '19.

Not as many finished for the Jewel challenge as I’d hoped, but then I’ve still been busy with any number of RL challenges, so once again – it is what it is – and my outcome wasn’t terrible by any means, so while I’m not super-please, I am at least ok with it in the end. Once again though, the month ends with a pile of models still on the desk that I’d hoped that the month’s challenge would help me to complete.

Rather amusingly, almost every model completed in July would have qualified for a Neglected Model challenge as well. That’s been an unstated (here, at least) thing in the back of my mind since December/January – for me to try and get as many of the neglected models I’ve accumulated over the years done as possible this year. I’d hoped to get all of the models that I’ve started and abandoned done this year, but it seems that’s more than a bridge too far. Maybe if I didn’t also have to work or have other responsibilities and interests, but that ain’t happening anytime soon!

Hm.. looking through, though – everything here was actually neglected except for three models. The trees had nothing done to them besides cleanup and spraying, but that had all happened more than a year ago. The rubble piles were also primed months ago. The dragon statues hadn’t had anything done to them previously, but they kinda fit due to where and how they were stored. But given that I’ve always considered “assembled, primed and then abandoned” as “started” for the purposes of Neglected model challenges… the only ones with less than that on the clock would be those terrible Dark Stone Brutes, who ad been clipped from the sprue and then forgotten about until I decided to use Contrast experiments to also knock them out quickly.

In the end, I just managed to get over my monthly target in July, with a total of 36 models. Thank goodness for meaningless scatter and simple boardgame terrain! I guess the lesson here is that this minimum-1-per-day-per-month sub-challenge I’ve had for myself is a good way to keep a constant motivation to get all those little bits of scatter terrain that we gamers tend to accumulate done. Add these to my previous month’s total of 229/232, and I’m up to 262/265.

The weather here is also shitful right now (I feel sorry for people who have to work outside in this – shoutout to IRO!) and spraying (priming, varnishing, mid-paint protective coats) are just out of the question right now, so the next few updates will be the one August model that I got varnished before the weather turned, and a couple that will look pretty much identical once they’re sprayed… Jewel of July Community Round-Up won’t be until next weekend at the earliest. As stated earlier, I’ve been fucking exhausted lately – so it’ll be done, but in good time. 🙂

30 thoughts on “July’s Models/Jewel of July 2019: Personal Round-Up

    • I skipped the Gym this weekend so I could spend time at home, chill out, paint and play videogames. The only problem is the weekend is about to conclude. 😦


  1. Another excellent month’s output. Those Slayers are looking great, you must have quite a collection of them by now. Don’t forget to put your feet up and take care of yourself when the chance arrises 🙂

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  2. Great collection of models and scenery for July, try and find some time to rest as it’s easy to burn out with so much on the go. At least you’ve got Summerslam to look forward to

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    • Thanks Dave! Sadly, I’ve fallen massively behind in the ‘wrasslin over the course of this year with so much else going on (also, the 3-hour slog that is RAW and the awful overall storylines in WWE). Speaking of timesinks, Marouda and I did manage to watch ALL of the MCU over a couple of months, though, as we wanted to catch Endgame in the cinemas and be familiar with everything that happened. We finally did it, and caught one of the last weeks of the re-release of Endgame, but we did it in the end!

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    • Your dios are bloody insane, Pat! The models aren’t the tiring part, though – it’s the RL BS that has to be done that’s worn me down/out. But you know what they say – break out the tiny violins!

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    • Thanks Alex. I’ve got a pile of little boxes from Mantic’s urban scatter terrain that may end up getting blasted through this month. Well, if the weather improves well enough for me to spray them, anyway!

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    • Thanks Mikko. What I really need is for Marouda to start painting si I can farm out the simple parts and then in turn crank up my own production speed. There might be something in that sort of idea for you as well.. 😉


  3. Incredible haul for July 👍 love those trees, they totally pop out at you. Also, the weather in Scotland is garbage too, so don’t worry- I haven’t been able to get anything primed either! 😂

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    • …and the sad part is that it’s summer for you up there! I’m thinking I might have to work-prep the next batches of trees so they’re ready by the time the weather consistently impvoves enough for me to spray them.

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      • That’s what I’ve been doing, batch-preparing models for a window of decent weather haha. Had rain and thunderstorms for nearly two weeks up here, some summer indeed!

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      • Damn, thunderstorms are my least favourite weather event. We get a fair few of them over summer here, though we also get the odd one during winter here as well. Best of luck getting a clear run in the near future so you can get spraying!


  4. Your monthly haul is always about the twice the size of mine so I’m always impressed by your productivity. The group shots are just plain awesome no matter how many times I see them too 🙂 I look forward to seeing what all you knock out in August!

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    • Thansk Kuribo. Despite being bloody tired (work today did not help at all, oddly enough) I’m hoping to have a bit more painting time this month and get some more “good” figures completed. Now I just need some nice weather so I can smash a bunch of scatter terrain to make up the numbers!

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      • I hope you get the extra time this month! My significant other has been away for work and the extra hobby time I had was definitely bliss. Don’t tell her I said that though 😀

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      • My time has just (theoretically) started, though I had a bunch of home maintainence shit to do today, and about three days of sorting things out and dealing with people about to happen. Sometimes I wish I could just live in a cave away from other people (with broadband, of course!)


    • No, I’m just *massively* behind in those right now. As you can probably tell be my replying to this comment so much later. A bunch of IRL family shit has been going down that’s required me to be intermediary between factions, as well as dealing with people’s shit. All while work ramped up with a team member on LSL and a very nice, but overall clueless temp in place. Hoping to catch up in the next few weeks, though it’s a daunting looking task that the thought of is rather off-putting…


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