Necromunda ’95! – Plastic Starter Set Goliath w/Shotgun

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

How should I start the posts featuring August’s models? Wy not with the first model completed in August? This model is (was?) an original Necromunda pack-in Goliath, who I trimmed off the mohawk and added a couple of pouches. I also painted some scarification marks/brands around his eyes and on his shoulder. The Mark of Grendel. I’ll write some more about that in a later post, but it’s something you’ll see in some form on most of my 1990’s Necromunda models.

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

So why is he here? Well, new base means newly finished to 2019 tabletop standards. I decided not to do anything further (a little touch-ups aside) as I want to preserve this guy mostly as-is for the time capsule element. There’ll be more old Necro-use models coming soon, with a variety of more and less modern work done on them in the days to come…

20 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – Plastic Starter Set Goliath w/Shotgun

    • Yeah, they look a bit less dorky and more like “big” lads without them. His African skin tone also makes him look a bit tougher with the sculpt. If I’d painted him white he would have looked like he was just made of dough!

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  1. I like the personality of these old Necromunda models (many of which I’m seeing for the first time on your site). While GW has really evolved their look in the newer edition, there is something charming about the old ones. They have a lot of personality and your paint job and conversion work are definitely a big reason why.

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  2. Wow. Taking off the mohawk really makes it even more clear how weird the proportions are on those guys. I do like the way he’s one-handing the shotgun like it’s a pistol, and I can see how most of the issues are a result of the necessities of 90s mold tech, but that sculpt is pretty dire. The scarification/branding effects in your paint job are really cool, tho.

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    • Yeah, some plastics of the day may not have been amazing but they weren’t all this dire by a long shot. The right arms on the Goliaths and Orlocks were modular with a choice of several weapons. The Orlocks at least weren’t the greatest but you could fit them in with a metal gang (not that i actually did), but these Goliaths would have stuck out quite ridiculously amongst their metal brethren, which were chunky but decent models..

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      • Yeah, I have a set of the Orlock plastics, and they work fine mixed in with my various Culties. The Orlocks were at least holding their Lasgun/Shotgun option in both hands, across their bodies, like regular people would. The Goliaths just went with basically the same arm and pose for pistols and long guns.

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      • Yeah they were overall better models. Having said that, I never actually ot a single one finished, and I’ve got no idea what happened to them. There’s probably a few surviving ones somewhere in some bits box or another. If I ever find them, I’ll have to paint up at least a couple of them for shits and giggles. 🙂

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    • Thanks Alex. All too true. He was an example of “I have these, so I may as well use one of them”. Not too dissimilar to my motivation behind a lot of those Brimstone models in a lot of ways…

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