Blood Bowl: Nobbla Blackwart – Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony Star Player

Blood Bowl, Nobbla Blackwart, Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony, Star Player

Back in the second edition of Blood Bowl (and maybe the first?) we had players who could be Chainsaw Wielding Loonies. When third came around, these were codified into an initially limited series of Star Players, and Nobbla Blackwart was one of these. This model was originally started back in the 1990’s, though he’s never been used on the field. For many years, he’s sat in my Blood Bowl figure case, nothing if not Neglected. I’d hoped to complete him finally last month for Jewel of July, but that didn’t happen – however, I did finish him off finally last week! Oh, and I’m not sure what’s happening witht he visor slits in the photo… it looked fine in hand last time I looked, but it appears rather …odd here.

Blood Bowl, Nobbla Blackwart, Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony, Star Player

I considered whether to give him chipped and worn armour – however my Orc team has pretty unscuffed armour and kept his the same as I haven’t yet decided if I will do a complete revampo of each figure to dirty them up and add wear to their gear (which I might ..or might not do). When it came to the player number… I realised I really hadn’t considered it. But then, what number would a Star Player who was also an Insane Goblin with a chainsaw tend to choose? (And think would be hilarious!) I asked myself “WWB&BHD?” and the answer revealed itself.

Here’s the original Star Player Card from 3rd edition. I haven’t yet played the newest version, which is pretty much an updated, refined version of 3rd, so I’m not sure if these rules and stats would still aply to old Nobbla. Can’t hurt putting it up as a comparison, though! Come to think of it, I’ve actually got at least two of those original 2nd edition Chainsaw Wielding Loony models.


20 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: Nobbla Blackwart – Goblin Chainsaw Wielding Loony Star Player

    • Thanks mate. I’m not worried about the stats. I’m sure I either have htem or they’d be easy to get hold off. The card is pretty much only included here as a nostalgic painting reference/example.

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    • Thanks Ross – yeah, some of the models were great, but some of the others were less so. On top of that, some of them were fine for the time but lack a little these days (looking at you, Chaos Dwarfs!)


  1. Even tho I’ve never actually played with or against one, Gobbos with chainsaws are one of the defining images of Blood Bowl for me. Excellent paint job, too. Looks more or less like a more tasteful version of the ‘Eavy Metal one there.

    Did you darken the eye slits with a wash? I’ve found sometimes the intense light from my lightbox/flash can sort of cut through those, and show much more of the underlying colour than is visible in person.

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    • Close to it – some very thinned black paint, and maybe some Nuln Oil Gloss as well. Thanks for the kudos on the paint as well. I may well go back and grime-up my Orc team down the line, and so this guy will get the treatment if/when that happens. Still, Necromunda models are in line before I get to updating my Blood Bowl stuff.
      Funny, but I never actually ended up using this guy in a game. The randomness of goblins, and especially how easily it was to have these sorts of things sent off never really appealed. Not when I could put that money towards getting another Orc Blitzer! Probably why he never got finished!


  2. Another characterful old model which is always a welcome sight! The idea of a chainsaw wielding goblin playing Blood Bowl is mighty entertaining. Excellent job painting those goggles as they look pretty realistic or at least as realistic as they can on a chainsaw wielding maniac! 🙂

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