Necromunda ’95! – Plastic Starter Set Goliath w/Shotgun

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

How should I start the posts featuring August’s models? Wy not with the first model completed in August? This model is (was?) an original Necromunda pack-in Goliath, who I trimmed off the mohawk and added a couple of pouches. I also painted some scarification marks/brands around his eyes and on his shoulder. The Mark of Grendel. I’ll write some more about that in a later post, but it’s something you’ll see in some form on most of my 1990’s Necromunda models.

Necromunda 1995 plastic Goliath ganger

So why is he here? Well, new base means newly finished to 2019 tabletop standards. I decided not to do anything further (a little touch-ups aside) as I want to preserve this guy mostly as-is for the time capsule element. There’ll be more old Necro-use models coming soon, with a variety of more and less modern work done on them in the days to come…

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #4 – Big Mutants & Zombies (From WarZone 1e)

Ahem. Back to painted models.

The first one of these guys was shown years ago, but he’s being reshown here in the context of this LatD army which he’s a part of. Once I work out a proper list.

Spawn of Demnogonis

Spawn of Demnogonis as Nurgle dude.

Spawn of Demnogonis

Big Mutant? Herald of Nurgle?

He’s a Spawn of Demnogonis from the first edition of WarZone. The stitching and bandages make him thematically suitable for a Nurgle force, and the model looks to be suitable for perhaps a 40k Hearald of Nurgle or a Big Mutant directly from the LatD list. He’s mounted on a 30mm base from some brand of semi-soft plastic prepainted figures that was available in the 1990’s.

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester.

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester. He makes a great Big Mutant or Chaos Ogryn for Lost and the Damned forces. He’s not an especially Nurglish model, but he’s been painted to go with the Kitbashed Cultists from the previous few posts. Though without a wood-grain finish on his weapon.

Spawn of Demnogonis, Carnal Harvester, WarZone, Target Games

Big Mutant Family (and scale) shot!

And a little group shot. I’ve got another half-painted WarZone figure (Gomorrian Emasculator) somewhere that will make another great Big Mutant/Chaos Ogryn if I can find it and finish it, as well as quite a few others that are entirely unpainted.

Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires, Target Games

Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires as Nurgle Zombies. Or Poxwalkers. Or Chaos Cultists.

These models are actually Warzone 1st Edition Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires, to be used as Nurgle Plague Zombies in one form or another. I showed them off last year, but the photos weren’t the best, and so I took a new one as part of the Lost and the Damned force I’m showing here (and seeing what I have ready to run and what’s started and part-painted while I do it).

11 More Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires.

…like these guys that I’ve just found. They’ve been spray primed and are now going into the paint queue to be part of this army.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #3 – Cultist Command

This is the final post of the triptych that deals with my little batch of cultists. It’s probably worth pointing out at this point that at the time I kitbashed these guys, the only cultists that GW had produced were these guys, nice enough figures, but a mere four sculpts which I also believe were also well out of production by then. They had also released a “mutation sprue” that was sold in a bundle with plastic Catachans and other stuff as a “build your own” solution for Chaos Cults and LatD armies. This was also long before Forge World stepped up to the plate with their own designs.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Chaos Cultist Command.

The smaller of these two guys are pretty straightforward. More kitbashes from the Catachan and Chaos Marauder sprues. The big guy in the middle was originally a metal Ork Nob that had been an unfinished conversion into some kind of DiggaNob prospector hero (from GorkaMorka) by (I believe) a GW Melbourne Staffer. I somehow ended up with it through sale or trade. He originally had a shovel, which I swapped out for as “normal” looking a pistol as I could find from my own Nobz. I thought he looked just the part for the leader of a Chaos Cult. Over-bulked up? Fingernail-talons on the end of his fingers? Skull-beard-braids? It all works. I added the chaos-style plastic plasma gun and its sling (I must have had Necromunda in mind actually – I always gave my leaders a Plasma Gun!) As always, cheap-looking plasticky “wood” panelling for the weapons.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Rear View, with the plastic-wood panelled Plasma Gun.

The Banner I kept completely plain. Green adds a possible implication for Nurgle, as do the brown and green tones of their clothing, while also not tying them to being only used as one-trick ponies of Nurgle.

Metal Citadel Chaos Cultists

Original Metal Chaos Cultists

Here’s those original Chaos Cultists. I’d usually just link to SoL from the appropriate text above, but I couldn’t find the right page. If anyone happens to know/find it, please LMK. 🙂

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

The Big “Gang” Shot of The Viking Muscle Power Gym Militia. Click to Embiggen.

And finally, the money shot of all of my cultists. I’ll undoubtedly paint up more cultists at some stage, but they’ll be a different batch and style to these guys. On one hand I’m somewhat tempted to revisit these guys and add a ton of tattoos and some satin and gloss varnish to represent sweat and oil, but on the other hand, they’re done, have been done for years and I’m still happy with them – no purple pants on Orcs that need to be repainted here! So I think I’ll leave them be and move onto other figures that actually do need to be touched up – and of course – completing and painting entirely new models.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #2 – Melee Cultists

Following up on the post from a couple of days ago, here are the pics of the second “squad” of probably-chaos-but-possibly-bodybuilding cultists. These guys are kitted for close combat in the far future, which is why they’re armed with axes, flails and swords (and a shield!)

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Kitbashed Klose Kombat Kaos Kultists – Lost and the Damned

The paint scheme on these guys (3-Colour US Desert Camo, plastic-looking, pseudo-wooden weapon furniture, etc) is pretty much exactly the same as that of their rifle-toting brethren, which makes sense since these were kitbashed and painted together. These guys got a couple with fur capes/pelts, which is to distinguish the Leader of the Pack (sing it!) and his second.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Rear View of the Cultists.

The rear view shot shows off the junk hanging from their backs, including a nasty-looking pick apparently held onto that one guy’s back by magnets, or personal gravity. Told ya they’re from the far future! Then again, in a nod to Chaos, the guy’s got spikes growing out of his shoulders…

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Swinging those things around in tight formation seems safe. What?

The “other half” of the squad, though in practice on the table top they’d all be mixed in together anyway. I wonder if I could use this squad in Kings of War without anyone noticing? I removed the horns from the one guy’s helmet both for variety and for common sense. GW-sized “viking” horns and a flail is a clear OH&S-violating combination that’s just asking to end up in traction on Cultist’s Worker’s Comp.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Gratuitous Arse Shot!

As before, the rear shot shows off some of their additional gear, including their collection of pistols, both archaic and newer looking. And some longbones. Gotta love that Kroot Accessory sprue!

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

A Clowder of Close Combat Cultists.

Here’s the usual squad shot. This half of the group is what really makes them into a feasable Necromunda Gang – using Goliath Rules, naturally! Though as noted, there’s lots of scope to use them as all kinds of generic bad guys and nutters.

Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #1 – Ranged Cultists

Last week I read a post over on Hobgoblin Orange that reminded me of a project that I’d started and actually managed to finish back in the late 2000’s. A couple of units kitbashed from Chaos Marauders, plastic Catachans, and whatever other bits I found to suit (plastic Goliaths, bits from the Kroot Sprue, Mordheim guys, etc). I couldn’t even remember why I’d put them together at first, and it took digging them out and looking at some of the other figures near them for me to realise/remember why I’d started them – they were to be a part of a smallish Lost and the Damned force from Codex: Eye of Terror.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists – Lost and the Damned

The idea was that they were to be vaguely Nurgle-themed, but without the specific pustulence and decay that we typically see on Nurgle models. This was to keep them a little generic and flexible for potential use in other games, forces and scenarios. Besides, every cult needs some cleanskins …right?

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Rear View of Chaos Cultists.

I went with US Desert 3-colour camo and a military green for the armoured plates for a few reasons – I wanted to keep to the general colours of Nurgle, but also retain a kind of Military (or Paramilitary) feel to the models. Brass fixings because Chaos (and it looks good against the green) with red spot colours for leg wraps and headbands. As well as that, I enjoy painting real-world camo patterns, and the 3-colour desert both looks good and is also pretty easy to replicate.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Riflemen and a flamer.

I also chose to paint them with plastic-looking pseudo-wooden furniture on their weapons in imitation to the garish look of those AKs we all saw plenty of throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The flamer guy naturally got the cigar-chomping head from the Sentinel kit. And flames on his bandanna.

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

Rear View of Kitbashed Chaos Cultists

By keeping the “Chaos” on them slightly subtle (and even moreso compared to recent kits!), I figured I could also use them for various techno-barbarians, space pirates, deserters or even a militarised Body builder’s club-cum-Citi-Def/PDF unit (which is more of a weird Judge Dredd vibe kinda thing – but then, pseudo-Dredd has always been a core part of my 40k ethos going right back to Rogue Trader.)

Kitbashed Chaos Cultists, Techno-Barbarians

The Viking Muscle Power Gym Militia, ready for hot, buff, sweaty, oiled-up action. Or Nurgle Cultists. Whatever floats ya goat!

These guys are the Ranged “squad”. There’s also the Close Combat-themed “squad” which I’ll get a post up for soon. I’ve got to say that even now I remember how much I enjoyed building and painting these guys. Aside from the choice of kits and “one special weapon, one heavy weapon” IG squad thing, it was really liberating to just have a bunch of kits and bits, and to give myself free reign over how I put them together.