Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #4 – Big Mutants & Zombies (From WarZone 1e)

Ahem. Back to painted models.

The first one of these guys was shown years ago, but he’s being reshown here in the context of this LatD army which he’s a part of. Once I work out a proper list.

Spawn of Demnogonis

Spawn of Demnogonis as Nurgle dude.

Spawn of Demnogonis

Big Mutant? Herald of Nurgle?

He’s a Spawn of Demnogonis from the first edition of WarZone. The stitching and bandages make him thematically suitable for a Nurgle force, and the model looks to be suitable for perhaps a 40k Hearald of Nurgle or a Big Mutant directly from the LatD list. He’s mounted on a 30mm base from some brand of semi-soft plastic prepainted figures that was available in the 1990’s.

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester.

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester, Target Games

WarZone Carnal Harvester. He makes a great Big Mutant or Chaos Ogryn for Lost and the Damned forces. He’s not an especially Nurglish model, but he’s been painted to go with the Kitbashed Cultists from the previous few posts. Though without a wood-grain finish on his weapon.

Spawn of Demnogonis, Carnal Harvester, WarZone, Target Games

Big Mutant Family (and scale) shot!

And a little group shot. I’ve got another half-painted WarZone figure (Gomorrian Emasculator) somewhere that will make another great Big Mutant/Chaos Ogryn if I can find it and finish it, as well as quite a few others that are entirely unpainted.

Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires, Target Games

Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires as Nurgle Zombies. Or Poxwalkers. Or Chaos Cultists.

These models are actually Warzone 1st Edition Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires, to be used as Nurgle Plague Zombies in one form or another. I showed them off last year, but the photos weren’t the best, and so I took a new one as part of the Lost and the Damned force I’m showing here (and seeing what I have ready to run and what’s started and part-painted while I do it).

11 More Warzone Dark Legion Blessed Legionnaires.

…like these guys that I’ve just found. They’ve been spray primed and are now going into the paint queue to be part of this army.

11 thoughts on “Realm of Chaos: Nurgle’s Lost & Damned #4 – Big Mutants & Zombies (From WarZone 1e)

  1. The spawn of demnogonis miniature looks like one of the sculpts Kev Adams did for warzone. All of his faces tend to have a similar look. The early warzone sculpts are really a mixed bunch, from charming (a lot of the dark legion minis) and sometimes great to awful (a lot of brotherhood minis).

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    • Yeppo, I believe that it’s one of Kev’s sculpts. You could transplant that face onto a late-80’s-early-90’s orc boy and it’d fit perfectly. It’ll also provide a touch of continuity once I get my original Plaguebearers painted up – they had a Simple Green bath last year! If I happen to find a second unpainted Spawn of Dem (not sure if I picked up a second one during the WZ1 fire sales or not) ,it’ll probably be getting some minor surgery to give him the horn!
      And thanks!


  2. I’m immediately drawn to armies or versions of armies that have something that strays from the norm in them. Although many of the Warzone Dark Legion figs are widely available and utterly suitable, it’s rare to see them appearing in 40k forces, a testament to the brainwashed approach taken by some players.

    I like this force, keep it coming please 🙂

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    • I agree with you on the use of alternate figures, which is one of the (many) reasons that your own forces appeal to me so strongly. While I choose my figures due to my own aesthetic choices, I am always happy when I get comments from people about my use of figures they have never seen before (more often on forums) and moreso when they indicate that they might seek them out themselves. I think it’s fair to say that many/most current 40k/Fantasy players are probably completely unaware of the existence of things like the WarZone 1e figures (and Grendel scenery, Celtos Undead, etc, etc which is why I like to throw in some links etc in my posts – just to do my very small part to “spread the word” to others.

      There are a couple more posts of painted figures for this army yet to come, and then I’ll have to start finishing additional models. I’ve found a few half-painted in the figure cases in the last week, aside from the stripped daemons, unstripped daemons, and unpainted odds and sods that also fit perfectly – and then there’s the “proper” plague marines and their little f(r)iends and the rest of the WarZone Dark Legion stuff that fits… 😮

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  3. These mutants are beautifully painted. the big dude is a real eye catcher with the great selection of colours and good contrast to emphasise each detail, may it be the cables or his pant zip (?) ;).

    The Jason satyr bodybuilder is also excellent. Crazy miniature. I like the colour you chose for the mask. The ivory nicely matches the brown tones of the skin.

    Finally, Zombies with laser guns….What’s not to love? You achieved a nicely rotten appearance with the flesh looking putrid and foul. What combination of colours did you use to achieve this high degree of decay?

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    • Thanks! Like the Viking Power Gym Militia, they were both painted witn an eye to be flexible to use in a Nurgle force but not soley limited to that. The Jason Bodybuilder Satyr guy has a nod to my Necromunda gang in the “Grendel” markings on his mask in red. War Child/Grendel Tales/Devil Quest were a big influence on my gang in those days, and I should probably resurrect the Cult of the Rose for some Marines or a CSM Warband.

      The Zombies were done with a semi-random collection of muted yellowy-browns and greens, highlighted, then washed with AP (Soft or Strong? I don’t recall) before a little more top layer highlighting. Then picked out details. Just a little more work than “base coat, wash and forget” but gives (I think) a much nicer finish.


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