WarZone 1st Edition: Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator – TG9696PB + Contrast Paint Experiment #6

WarZone 1st Edition, Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator, TG9696PB

Another of my old and neglected WarZone 1st edition models completed. This one is a Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator (yes, I had to look it up). This one had pretty much been sitting for years, with only the skin and metal basecoated. While the sculpting is technically quite adept, the overall design of the model is basically pretty shithouse. Which pretty much gives the simple and straightforward explanation of why it took me so long to get back to, and also why it’s still easily available today for not much money.

WarZone 1st Edition, Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator, TG9696PB

I think my initial motivation for starting to paint it was to use it as a Chaos Spawn-type thing in the first iteration of my Nurgle force, which was to be a Lost the the Damned-type army. Anyhow, it’s now finished. The final motivation being to just knucle down and get the fucking thing off my painting desk. I kept to the cow-brown aesthetic and just highlighted the flesh so it could pass for either oily/sweaty skin or a kind of horse-fur-sheen, and pinked-up some scarred tissue around the edges of the metal implants.

WarZone 1st Edition, Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator, TG9696PB

“Buff Dudes” goes a little off the rails.

Given the size of it, I suppose I could theoretically use it as an Obliterator proxy in the right kind of Chaos force, but for now, it’s just another hunk of painted lead off my desk and out of the backlog. I don’t hate the model. The sculpt is odd and badly-proportioned and it’s a bad design, but it’s got a dorky charm to it somehow. I’m also good with my paint on it. Nothing amazing, but a solid, decent paintjob, and about as much as the model deserves. As with a lot of my current models, there’s some use of thinned Contrast paint used in the shading of the musculature, on the horns, teeth, hooves, etc. I find that used like this it gives a bit more control than using a traditional wash, and the outcome is quite decent.

25 thoughts on “WarZone 1st Edition: Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator – TG9696PB + Contrast Paint Experiment #6

  1. Nice work on an old school mini. I think I would have done the same thing — used it as a spawn or something for a Nurgle 40k army. And I’ve learned a new Aussie slang term today, so thanks! Shithouse!

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  2. Your painting is great mate, as for the model itself I’m not a fan, it looks like a Minotaur was sat on the desk and the sculptor thought, lets just chuck these bits on top with no reason or purpose !

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    • Completely undertandable mate, it’s a terrible figure that makes no actual sense, though for some reason it’s just dorky enough that I have an irrational fondness for it. Let’s be real though – not a lot of fondness, and it’s mostly because it’s painted and done with. 😉

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  3. Wow, weird model… I wonder if the sculptor saw the old Rogue Trader ‘gun-horn’ Minotaurs and thought ‘that’s nothing mate, hold my pint!’ I do like what you did with it though mate!

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  4. Such a weird model but you’ve done it more than justice! I kind of understand not hating it – once you flip your interpretation from “this is such a rubbish concept” to “half machine half minotaur, yeah why not” it does start to have its appeal.

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  5. Nice job on this interesting sculpt. I think they had a cool idea but the sculptor’s abilities might have let them down a bit sadly. I can see where finishing a guy like this would be hard as a result. I do think this guy could look cool in the 40k armies you mentioned but Necromunda might be an even better fit. The minotaur seems at home in a futuristic, cyberpunk world like Shadowrun to me 🙂

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  6. Agree with you on the model – and your painting did it well. As for the name “emasculator” – I don’t see it – and if you had minigun implants why would you need a bf hammer? For that matter, is reloading accomplished rectally? OK, I’m overthinking this Az…

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    • Well, “Dark Legion” is WarZone’s version of “Chaos” and I found the below artwork:

      So the best guessplanation I can give you is either designers reusing their teenage sketchbook doodles, lots of “inspirational” substances, or the ever-popular “a wizard did it”.

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    • Heh, I never even knew the “proper” scheme until I googled the image above after completing the model and writing this post. I guess it’d probably be in one of the rule books I have, but bigger knows where *they* are these days…

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  7. As a former Warzone player and occasional collector, I can only admire the model of #9696 Dark Legion Gomorrian Emasculator (although most of the reviews here are negative) and the paint motif which I consider to be of a high standard.
    I know what you wrote about the models you show here in the photos, reading the page “Hey, Is [Model X] for sale?”, But if you are interested in other models in particular Warzone I have many for sale that you will not find in Prince August.
    Or, at worst, if I had models that you think are too ugly to paint, I could buy them from you


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