WAAAAGH! Pt.21: 44202/3 Space Orks (1988) (Orktober ’19)

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3 Space Orks (1988)

Still kickin’ it Rogue Trader-style today. I’ve got three of the Rogue Trader Orks that I started painting before, alognside and after the recent RTB02 Ork troopers. Allowing myself to finish this trio was my “reward” for wading through the troopers.

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3 Space Orks (1988)

As you can plainly see here, I’m still leaning pretty hard into the general Desert Camo/scavenged gear theme. I mean, given the shape of that shoulder pauldron, what choice did I have really than to paint it as one that had been scavenged and cut to be fit for a new purpose. Useful stuff, that Ceramite! At one point I was going to go into the DAK theme, given the sculpts on some of these early Orks, but it’s a bit on the nose for me in 2019. There might still be a palm tree with an Orky Skull underneath at some stage, but I don’t feel a need to emulate the uniforms – even when the models are basically wearing them, like Flamer (Burna?) Boy here. I’ve got a couple more RTB02 troopers finished, and a couple more to try and finish tonight to post alongside before we tick over into November. Wish me luck!

22 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.21: 44202/3 Space Orks (1988) (Orktober ’19)

  1. These look great (as expected) and I love seeing these old sculpts that are new to me. They have a ton of character and seeing Orks with hats on is surprisingly entertaining 🙂 Excellent job painting these and they will definitely look great alongside the other Orks you’ve painted recently.

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    • Thanks Mark. I’ve got a fair few more of these, though a bunch seem to have gone walkabout since I picked these ones out for painting. I am a pretty solid fan of the newer ones as well though, I have to say…

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    • Thanks Curis. If I manage, I’ve got some of my original RT Marines from my old Ultras force that I plan to do a slight update to, and fisty them up with a mix of my current painting, and the original work from the late 80’s and early 90’s still visible…


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