WHFB Battle For Skull Pass Dwarf Cannons & Crew (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

Another Dwarfy post today. The models that have just been completed are the crew (kinda) to three cannon that I painted in January 2017 shortly after the mess of Skull Pass Dwarves I completed at the time – but never showed here because my posting workflow was different then. Rather than showing each and every thing that I painted, pretty much as it comes off the production line, I used to (usually) hold off on showing anything that was meant to be a part of a unit like this, especially if I thought the rest would be done soon. Makes sense, right? Except I finished the three cannon almost three years ago, started the crew then, and only finished them a few days ago.

Battle For Skull Pass Dwarf Cannon Crew

Yes, there should be more of these guys…

Battle For Skull Pass Dwarf Cannon Crew

…but don’t be sad, ’cause two out of three ain’t bad!

Now the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that there are a few flaws with my little unit above. Some models missing from the sets and not enough models overall. The thing is that I never bought BFSP, and picked up these Dwarfs (and a few gobboes) via various second-hand purchases, years after the set was long discontinued. In these situations, you get what you get, and so I may one day supplement the crews of two with a couple of third men, but for the time being, they’ll work just fine for friendly KoW or AoS games.

I did have one full crew, but that still meant only one ball-carrier. To make up the difference I added in a random finecast (ugh) palanquin/litter carrier(?) dwarf that was in the mess of secondhand stuff, to use as an overly-blinged out cannon barrel packer. And a standard bearer because I had too many of them, and the pistols fit the feel of the artillery unit. So, you know… why the fuck not?

Not a lot of fun to paint at all, but after almost three years clogging up my desk with their crappiness, I’m glad to have them done and transformed from an annoyance into a little bunch of figures I can kinda like. I’m really going to have to try out that Dwarf army once I get some time this summer.

22 thoughts on “WHFB Battle For Skull Pass Dwarf Cannons & Crew (Neglected Orc-Slayer-Tober ’19)

  1. That is a shame about the missing crew members but I think these guys all look great. It has been a while since I painted crew members for a warmachine but I seem to remember finding it hard to get motivated to paint the crew like the Empire Cannon Crew in my Warhammer Starter Box. These guys were worth the wait in my opinion and its always awesome seeing some nicely painted dwarves too 🙂

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    • Thanks. It was either blue or green, and the elves had already dibsed green while some old dwarves were done in a similar blue, so it was already chosen before i started in the end….


  2. Ditto to above on the blue. What really caught my eye was the flintlock pistol banner/standard. Very creative and something I have never seen done before – super effective! Your “this summer” comment gave me a chuckle as we awoke this morning to solid frost on the yard and roofs, so winter is coming (says us and the Starks). Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks Mark. Winter has been back again this last couple of weeks – I just wish it’d piss off for awhile now! Credit to GW for ther banner design. I wish I could claim it as my own, but it’s a stock model. 🙂

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  3. As a dwarfoholic (😉) I can confirm that the additional ‘crewman’ (looking like he has a ‘rammer’) is a Runesmith. A lot of folk don’t like the model but he has grown on me (it helps I have the metal version) and I always imagine he is about to slam the staff to the ground to invoke the runes on it (perhaps with a Gandalf-esk “you shall not pass”!).

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    • Wow – you really dropped the bomb on me there with that one! It’s a mess of a model though – I had to really tweak it just to have it stand on the base as it is here. Maybe the metal original is better, but this finecast one deserves every bit of the finecast reputation. Never would have picked it as a standalone model, though – it looked so awkward and off-balance that I really thought it was part of a larger multi-model kit!
      Now to decide if I extract him from the crew and use him alongside my existing Runesmith, and find more replacement crewmen…

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