WAAAAGH! Pt.22: Another three RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) (Orktober ’19)

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams, Rogue Trader. Oldhammer, 44202/3 Space Orks

Quick post today showing the last three of October’s models. Here’s the money shot upfront of all the Old-School Orcs done for Orctober. Not too shabby, I reckon. They’re also pretty fond of those Sons of Dorn, my Orks….

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams, Rogue Trader. Oldhammer

No ETA on any round-ups. The short version is the shed is a dumpster at the moment, with the table covered in spray cans, boxes and half-sprayed bits of scenery. The weather is alternating between Aussie-summer-hot and cold and shitty and stormy, and I’m as busy as fuck with work due to being in the final few weeks before the end of November when everything comes to a peak. My current downtime is a small amount of painting and a lot of videogames and a break from intense blogging. I’m also in a fitness challenge at the gym this month where the categories are losing overall weight/dropping body fat percentage/dropping visceral fat/gain of lean body mass and a couple of other categories. So that means extra workouts, which=more tired, can’t be arsed blogging, or getting around to cleaning up the shed, and then round and round we go.

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams, Rogue Trader. Oldhammer

So it’s not in a terrible way, but I just can’t be bothered blogging much right now. Some years I pretty much just drop off the face of the planet this time of year. I don’t want to dump the challenges – both for your motivation as well as my own – I still want to get my own models done, even if I don’t have the hours that it takes to spend on the blogs doing all the posting and admin. I’ll post when I can, but I’m not going to knock myself out over my hobby blog right now. 🙂

20 thoughts on “WAAAAGH! Pt.22: Another three RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) (Orktober ’19)

  1. Great work on the last 3 orcs for this months challenge.
    As for the blogging, find the balance that’s right for you, we won’t have gone anywhere, and your health and piece of mind is the most important thing

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    • Thanks Dave. I’m just going to take it easy until the end of the year. Too much stuff to deal with IRL right now to put a lot of energy in on the blog, so I’ll just do a bit here and there when I can.

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  2. Sweet work, especially the group shot (I somehow missed the goblin wizard you’ve got hiding in the back too).

    It’s probably best to prioritise gym activities. Blogging will still be here when you can fit it around your health, and let’s face it: our hobby doesn’t exactly encourage the slender build. Your miniature output is staggering anyway, even with all the other stuff in your life.

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    • Thank you, AB! At this point (after gymming and eating clean for almost a year) I’ve lost 40kg and really only have 10 more to go for my target weight. After that I’ll see how I look, and decide what to do from there.


    • Thanks mate! I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying some of the crap I’m dealing with, but when stuff needs to be prioritised, that’s what we’ve just got to do…


  3. Looking great all mobbed together there!

    Truth be told, I’m actually kind of thankful that you’ve been behind on the round-up posts, since I’m also behind, to the extent that I still have two posts left to make for the September challenge!

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    • Thanks mate – it’s not even a matter of fun, it’s “more work/pressure/committments” vs “trying to relax”. Ordinarily it’s not been a huge issue to do them, but there’s a lot of additional BS going on around my dad’s health and care right now, and my *actual* job is in it’s busiest time of the year…


      • Its can be really tricky when life throws multiple issues at you all at once. I know I’ve even felt guilty at such times in my life for trying to do something to relax me, which of course then does not work. Just try to make a tiny bit of time for you. And I hope life starts to give you a bit of a break soon.

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  4. These look great and seeing the squad together is awesome too. A nice bit of work getting so many done for October as well. As I have said before, take all the time you need with blogging. I kind of consider it the icing on the cake in that without the cake, the last little bit isn’t fun so if I wasn’t able to paint much in a given time, I’d probably skip updating my site until I felt ready to do so again. Not sure if that is at all helpful but I thought I’d share.
    Most importantly, we’ll still be here when things settle down 🙂

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    • Thanks mate – just making an attempt to get the stuff I’ve been painting over the month so far posted up and then “out of the way” right now. But trying for a 2-day post schedule for them is a lot easier than daily.

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