Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

My final models for April (I think) and by extension, final set of models for Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. Another pair of Zombicide survivors alongside their accompanying “Zombvivor” versions.

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House)

As the post title has obviously given away, these two characters are another pair from Zombicide’s rather extensive range of “homage” models. Our first “inspired by” model of this pair is “Doc”, clearly based on Hugh Laurie’s acclaimed portrayal of Prince George from Blackadder III. Obviously.

Even the lean on the model suggests that the initial sketch and then subsequent model was based on a publicity still of Laurie leaning on House’s cane. Not the still I’ve got here, obviously, but then I wasn’t going to look that hard for the exact pic…

Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

Painting was pretty straightforward. I checked a bunch of images of House to see how he typically dressed in the show and went with a combo that worked for the model. Any fans of the TV show here? Worth getting hold of to actually watch sometime?

Zombicide “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

Derek Zoolander was a little trickier in some ways. The survivor pose looks like it was taken from the film, or a still, but I couldn’t find it easily.

I *did* find this shot of Deadpool in a similar pose, though…

There are a ton of pics of him wearing the headband/scarf/thing around his head, but the hex-ish-pattern on it was way more than I was willing to bother with and went with a simpler alternating stripe pattern instead – a good example of what I call “good enough” painting.

Zombicide “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

In the end I based my palette broadly on the character art from the game, though I felt a slightly more sea green/teal longsleeve looked better and was more fitting for Zoolander.

And that, my friends – is that!

Hopefully I can get all of April’s stuff photographed together later today for my round-up post tomorrow, and then I can get straight into posting May’s other completed work…

23 thoughts on “Zombicide “Doc” (Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House) and “Bastian” (Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander)

  1. Very cool, I love these models! Nice work on the headband as well 👍 I’ve never watched House, but Hugh Laurie as Prince George or Lieutenant George were definitely my favourite of his roles

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    • Thanks Steve. Always loved Blackadder as well! I still have fond memories of Fry and Laurie from my youth as well. I’ll need to see if they’re floating around online somewhere. You’d think so, given the prestige of both performers these days…

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    • Thanks Dave – I’m going to have to give the show a look at some stage. There’s some real diverse feedback from it here so I’ll be interesting to see what I think of it!

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  2. Great work on all four of those minis. My GF is a huge fan of House, and despite me loving Laurie in Blackadder, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and Jeeves & Wooster, I couldn’t stand the show. A typical episode:

    Patient comes in with some undiagnosable condition, House is a git. Other doctors try to work out what’s wrong with patient, House is a git. First diagnosis is wrong, House is a git. Second diagnosis more accurate, treatment is given, patient gets worse, House is a git. Doctors at the end of their tether, House gets diagnosis and treatment right while being a git. Everyone congratulates House, House is still a git.

    Repeat for every episode.

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    • There’s really quite a wide variety of WTF? models in there to choose from. Wait until you see some of the others I have upcoming (not the next few)….


  3. “Not House” looks great. I liked the show… basically House is a jaded medical genius whose main view on life is that everyone lies. The level of snark the character displays is off the charts but what makes him great. Everyone else on the show is basically playing the straight man to his sarcasm. Yes, every episode is basically the same formula, but the point of the show is to unravel the mystery of what is really going on with the sick patient. From what I’ve seen people either love or hate the show, so you really have to try it to see which camp you fall into.

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    • Cheers, Chris – I’ll have to check out a couple of episodes and see where it falls for me. I do like a bit of snark and sarcasm so I’ll have to see if it’s my style. 🙂


  4. Your paint jobs really make both of these look like the actors do in real life! Really nice job on both of them. I’ve never seen Zoolander but that mini still makes me laugh. Its a funny thought to think of that character running around, killing zombies. You’re slowly but surely convincing me that I should grab a copy of Zombicide one of these days 🙂

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    • I really have to say that Zombicide is one game I’d never dissuade you from at least trying out. It’s both “girlfriend friendly” as well as solo-friendly, and the scenarios offer a lot of replayability as well (plus they release a ton of them online as well). I’ve played it with hardcore gamers as well as people who were boardgame “virgins” for anything beyond Monopoly, etc and all have enjoyed it a lot.

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      • That is good to hear and makes it even more tempting, I must say. I was worried that it would become a bit too simple or uninteresting over time. I hear that backing the Kickstarters tends to be pretty financially sound so maybe I’ll do that with the Western one.


    • Thanks mate – yeah there are a few that end up like that, especially their original and “player-pledge-level” characters, but *most* of the homage characters have a little something in the quirks of their sculpt that work as a prompt – and especially so once painted! 🙂


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