April 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up + “Paint the Crap You Already Own” Challenge Round-Up

April was another month where I got a decent number of models completed. Once again, the month’s output was dominated by board game pieces with both small-fry D&D pieces and Zombicide models making up the largest contingents, followed by (and somewhat including) models I didn’t manage to complete for this year’s Fembruary and Monster March this year.

Of course, the big painting challenge this last month was Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. And, well, as I already owned all of these models, they all end up counting for that particular challenge! So… erm.. sorry Ann!

Funny(?) thing is that at the end of last year and the start of this year I actually got a fair few Space Marines painted up, and fully intended to get a whole lot of my Marines painted this year. With the focus on Female models in February and then my attention drifting to Monsters and other such, I haven’t actually painted a single Marine since then. Something that I’ll have to consciously rectify as the year goes on. In the meantime, I’ve ended up focusing mostly on, well, boardgames since they’re the things I’m able to play with a reasonable frequency in the current state of things. I’ve actually worked my way through a steadily dwindling number of the Zombicide Player Character survivor models, with a few prepped on my desk, 5 taken out to clean up at work, and then only 5 more opened up. So in (hopefully) only a few more weeks at this rate, I’ll be able to pactually open up some new, fresh Zombicide figures. Playing using only fully-painted survivors in the pool to draw from, and of course actively playing through the campaigns again is working well for motivation. And then this collection of painted survivors and zombies will stand us in good stead when we look at Days Gone again in a couple of months….

So that’s 52 models for the month – (though again, a good chunk of them are simple D&D models and those Necron boxes & barrels). Adding those to the Jan-March tally of 88 gives us 140 so far. So 2021’s models are coming along decently now after a slow start to the year. 🙂

14 thoughts on “April 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up + “Paint the Crap You Already Own” Challenge Round-Up

  1. Excellent job getting all these minis done, mate! While I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, these minis and terrain as a group have pretty complimentary colors so that makes them even nicer when you put them all together 😀

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