Reaper Bones Black 44081: Raptor Hunting Pack (Monster MAYhem ’21)

Reaper Bones Black 44081: Raptor Hunting Pack

My plan for daily posts this week had a little wrench thrown into it in the form of a(nother) COVID outbreak here in Melbourne, with a resulting 7-day lockdown and a messy return to remote work. So with all of that happening, it wasn’t until tonight that I finished my next “monsters” for the Monster MAYhem, painting challenge – Reaper’s Bones (Black) Raptor Hunting Pack.

Reaper Bones Black 44081: Raptor Hunting Pack

Bones black has the same detail issue that most of these cheap PVC models have, in that fine detail isn’t friends with it. On the other hand, paint actually adheres to it, and it doesn’t become horrible and sticky, nor does it require arcane combinaitons of paints and special lotions to prime the stuff. So, you know, I can live with it – even if it does mean you want to avoid looking too closely at things like talons and claws!

Reaper Bones Black 44081: Raptor Hunting Pack

Painting wise, I went with greens for this pack. Despite being the first colour most kids break out for their dinos, I felt it would work for a pack of hunters. I added a couple of different types of grass for more greenery on their bases, though yes, I am aware that grass and dinosaurs together are an anachronism – so I won’t use be able to use these in hardcore historical gaming. You know, like painting the buttons the wrong colour on my French Chasseur à Cheval of the Imperial Guard, 1804 – like a fucking uneducated peasant! While I could have made them look a lot better – painting in scales and more detailed skin patterns – as I’ve said for other, similar PVC models – these just aren’t worth that level of care and detail – another case of a “good enough” level of paint here. I guess at some stage I’m going to have ti pull out those stops rather than endlessly running through the “good enough” level. When there’s enough cleared off the paint desk and I find and am feeling the right model, I guess….

Reaper Bones Black 44081: Raptor Hunting Pack

I’ve just finished another model for tomorrow’s post – still need to varnish and flock it. After that there’s at least one more I should be able to finish no problem tomorrow, and then there’s at least three more that require more work but would hopefully be able to get finished before the month ticks over, depending on how much work I will have to do this weekend to prepare for remote work next week when I would have normally had a weekend instead… Wish me luck!

28 thoughts on “Reaper Bones Black 44081: Raptor Hunting Pack (Monster MAYhem ’21)

  1. Hope you’re all safe and well with this latest outbreak, and can fully understand the disruption to normality it can cause.
    Like what you’ve done on the Raptors, and the multi green tones has done the job that the markings on a more detailed model would require

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    • I’m good at the moment. Hoping I won’t need to go into work this coming week and will be able to do so from home, but there’s also a good chance I’ll need to go in for at least one day. A lot of uncertainty today, but we’ll just have to see how the numbers pan out and hope we can again squash it quickly!

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    • Thanks Mate – it’s stressful – but less so than not having one and letting the shit keep getting out of hand. I can’t see it only being for a single week – that’s got to be the “easy way in” presented to the public but I’m hopeful it won’t be more than three. And I’m now eligible for a vaccine as well – if I can ever get through to make a booking!


  2. Man, you put Berkeley through some scary situations! Love the dinos, you’ve done some great blending on the skin tones and they look suitably terrifying!

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  3. These look good, mate. Can’t go wrong with having some dinos around either. I could see myself using some dinos in the future for some pulp gaming so I’ll try to remember these. Now that you’ve said it, I’d be interested in seeing you tackle something from GW to your best standard. Better add that to your to do list 😉

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      • I’ve been painting something different to zombies *or* GW that you might like as the year has clicked over, though it’ll take a few more days to get to those as I need to post up the December backlog first, so I need to do a few more photo sessions out there…
        …but still, I also haven’t posted the nicer of December’s figures yet, though – there’s some cool (I think) survivors and even a few zombies I think you’ll be able to appreciate as a bit more special then the fodder I’ve had up so far for December.


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