Warhammer Quest – Cursed City: Captain Emelda Braskov

Warhammer Quest - Cursed City: Captain Emelda Braskov

Something different today – a Warhammer model that was released relatively recently! I started painting Emelda here after being inspired by seeing the female Stormcast Vanquisher painted by Wudugast, the creator behind the Convert or Die blog. When I first saw Wudu’s model, it was on my phone while I was out and about, so at first I thought the model was the Cursed City heroine rather than a Stormcast, so after I got home, I cracked open my Cursed City box and snipped the good captain off her sprue with the thought of getting her painted for Fembruary…

Warhammer Quest - Cursed City: Captain Emelda Braskov

It wasn’t until just a little bit later that i got back to actually reading Wudugast’s post, and found that the model which had inspired me was actually a different one to the figure I’d grabbed out and started work on, but by then it didn’t matter. As you can see by my photos, I pretty much went with “box art” as my colour scheme for this one – I figure I’ll go convert-happy with later copies of this model and can get interesting later on.

Warhammer Quest - Cursed City: Captain Emelda Braskov

Now that she’s complete, I’ve since been inspired not only by Wudugast’s Cursed City models but also very much by Alex of Leadbaloony’s fantastic series of Cursed City models and Dave Kay of Scent of a Gamer’s Cursed City series to add Cursed City to my roster of board games I’m actively working on. I also realised that I’ve got enough fully-painted models of all of the various kinds that we can probably play through the entire campaign using proxies – replacing them with the “real” models as I complete them. With this month also being “Monster MAYhem“, I’ve already got a few models getting through assembly and onto basing and priming….

19 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest – Cursed City: Captain Emelda Braskov

    • Thanks Dave! I like a unique colour scheme as much as anyone else, but the fact is GW have a lot of artists on staff and do come up with a whole lot of great “official” schemes for their models. Luckily I have a second Cursed City set now so I will be able to go to town on second models…

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  1. She looks great, mate and Cursed City is chockful of cool minis so its exciting that we might be seeing you paint more in the near future. Don’t proxy and paint some more of these instead! 😀

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    • Haha thanks mate. Proxy means we can play though, and play is the biggest single motivation I can have to paint – so proxy means I do my best to get models for that game painted. That’s why zombicide has been slower lately.

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  2. You’ve done a cracking job on her, the black armour is especially nice and really suits the character I think. Glad I was able to inspire you. 🙂 With all these monsters you’ve been painting lately she’s exactly the kind of person to have around, between her and Berkeley we can all sleep a little safer!

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    • Thanks mate. I’m wanting to paint both the actual box of Vanquishers as well as the other Cursed City models as the follow up, so I’m going to have to pick one of the two to go with next sometime this weekend. I do have a couple of Cursed City models built already, so I think it will probably run that way first…


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