Shadows of Brimstone: Void Hounds (Monster MAYhem ’21)

Shadows of Brimstone: Void Hounds

Yet more Shadows of Brimstone again today! This time it’s the trio of Void Hounds that are available via the Masters of the Void expansion pack. I guess now I’ll have to paint the three Mind Flayer/Quarren lookalikes that came alongside the hounds soonish. These were another of my Contrast Paint experiments – with Magos Purple over zenithal primer looking a bit shitty, but being salvaged by successive layers of purple highlighted with Vallejo’s Sunny Skin Tone and satn spray varnish to unify it all with a just-slightly-slick look that takes away from what can be a powdery-looking finish from the drybrush.

Shadows of Brimstone: Void Hounds

As with so many of the Shadows of Brimstone models, they’re far from spectacular sculpts – and while these ones are alright, a quick and effective tabletop paintjob is all they really need to make an appearance in a boardgame. In a pinch, I could run them as random monster-beasties of a dozen or so different types, from Chaos Hounds to Dark Eldar/Drukhari beasts to Blink Dogs (which they sorta are in SoB). They’re not huge creatures, but they seem like they qualify pretty well as “monsters”, and they’re bigger than an orc (as Chainsaw Lass demonstrates for us here) so I’m submitting these for Monster MAYhem, over at the Angry Piper’s Blog – aka Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging.

25 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Void Hounds (Monster MAYhem ’21)

    • She’s either having a terrible time, or she’s levelling up like crazy this week!
      One last big push to see what else I can finish for this monstrous month – I think it’ll depend at least a bit on how this troublesome PC goes…

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  1. These look good and I can see where these would be a bit of a pain to paint. They’re smooth with large surfaces which is not an easy thing to tackle. I’d have to agree that these are really versatile sculpts and they could see usage in a couple different settings so all the better to have them painted up I would say!

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    • Thanks mate – for models like this that have a bit of detail but would be a pain to blend and layer (and are just mediocre models for a boardgame) Contrast with a bit of a manual highlight was the way to go for me!

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  2. Wow, those are some bright monsters! Wonderful looking and kudos to you for bravely tackling them with pink. I keep having no luck with that color. Tried the contrast over light prime, and that botched. Eventually I’ll get something to where I want it.

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