Reaper Bones 77670: Dire Crocodile (Monster MAYhem ’21)

Reaper Bones 77670: Dire Crocodile

OK, it’s not the biggest model I’ve painted this month, but this Dire Crocodile from Reaper’s “Bones Black” line still counts to me, as it’s safely larger than an orc. Counts as what? Well, counts as another submission for Monster MAYhem, over at the Angry Piper’s Blog – aka Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging.

Reaper Bones 77670: Dire Crocodile

Chainsaw Lass once again provides scale, while the angle shows the base, with judicious application of Vallejo Mud and some Woodland Scenics water effects. Not sure why Reaper’s calling it a “Dire” Croc, though – it’s size is well within the normal range for Australian Saltwater Crocs…

Reaper Bones 77670: Dire Crocodile

It’s another good example of “Painting Triage”. It’s not the most important model, nor is it the most detailed. It therefore doesn’t warrant my top tier of effort in order to get it painted, but it’s still the kind of model that’s very possible to get looking pretty good with relatively little work. I mean, you can’t even really see the lighter underbelly and under… neck. Some weathering powder added to the croc helps to give that feeling of embedded dirt to the model, while the slight sheen from ther satin spray helps with the slight wet look to this terror of the waterholes and estuaries.

28 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77670: Dire Crocodile (Monster MAYhem ’21)

  1. I’m fascinated with crocs and gators. Even have eaten gator a few times. I like your approach to this one – embedded mud and glistening balanced off with different shades of green. Subtle and VERY effective Az.

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    • The biggest croc I’ve ever seen in person was approx 5 metres long. That makes it sound kinda small when it looked more like a fucking dinosaur. Didn’t get to see it feed that day unfortunately, but yeah – a very impressive beast! 🙂
      I think I’m going to have to go and repaint the inside of the mouth, as I’ve gotten that part completely wrong and it’s really bothering me now!

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  2. Crikey, that’s a biggun’! Cue all of the Steve Irwin impressions that probably annoy Australians 😀 That is a handy looking mini to have and you did really well painting it up too.

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