Wood Elf Waywatcher (Gary Morley, 2007) #Fembruary 2022

Citadel Wood Elf Waywatcher (Gary Morley, 2007)

My last Fembruary model today (though not quite my last February model to share) – a Wood Elf Waywatcher, released alongside the Warhammer Armies: Wood Elf sourcebook in 2007. A Gary Morley sculpt, the technique is competent, but the sculpt itself is a bit of an overdetailed but indistinct mess – full of “wait.. what is THAT supposed to be?”-type details, which frankly make the model notsomuch fun to paint. As you can see, it’s a complete mess of “visual noise” up close, but given the four-foot test, it looks fine. So I’ll call that a “good enough” win.

Citadel Wood Elf Waywatcher (Gary Morley, 2007)

Just one Waywatcher, you ask? Yep. This one was a model selected to represent Marouda’s Elven archer in a long-gone, lightweight but decent fun but, low-effort, kill-and-loot pathfinder “campaign”. We didn’t get all that far, and the “long-gone part is probably the biggest reason why the model never got completed – and Fembruary is the reason that it now finally did get completed. I’ve got a few more of these somewhere, but they’re not likely to see the painting desk until we get back into the swing of something like Kings of War or AoS again. I’d like to do so this year, but there’s a lot of cleaning and clearing and culling to do first…

24 thoughts on “Wood Elf Waywatcher (Gary Morley, 2007) #Fembruary 2022

    • I don’t mind the leaves to tell you the truth – the biggest offenders while painting were the layers of cover and binding on the arms, legs, torso, bow and the weird messy mask…. after that the leaves were pleasant by comparison!

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  1. We do not mind this miniature, and it seems to us that you have reached a good balance between respecting the camouflage aspect of this waywatcher (full of leaves, clothes, laces) and the pictorial need not to make everything too uniform with identical colors. Indeed some details are subject to interpretation…but your result is very satisfactory

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    • Thanks Rodor! – I do like to try and strike a balance between keeping things interesting without making them too uniform – unless that’s what’s called for on the model, of course! 🙂

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  2. Some sculptors really do have a phobia of blank spaces on models don’t they! I knew someone who always called their clippers “Citadel Extraneous Detail Removers”. Regardless I do like a Wood Elf and you’ve done a lovely job with this one.

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    • Hahah I’ve never gone that far 😀 but I don’t get too annoyed by the extra details if I can figure out what they’re supposed to be/be part of. That wasn’t easy on this one!

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  3. I have to agree that the extra leaves were a bit unnecessary (and lacking in detail at that!). Having said that, you chose great colors because the leaves don’t overpower the painted mini at all. Its great to see a Wood Elf or any elves really. I always enjoy painting them and seeing others paint them 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I didn’t mind the leave to be quite honest – it was the layers of cover and binding on the arms, legs, torso, bow and the weird messy mask. I would like to get more elves done – we’ll see where this year’s painting takes us, eh? 🙂

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