Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties – Standard Zombie Fatties Complete!

Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties

Here’s my second-last post of models completed in February – the other half of the Zombicide 1st Edition Fatties to go alongside the female fatties that I painted for Fembruary. Quite the bunch of ugly bastards! As you can easily notice, there’s not a whole lot of variety in the sculpts here – just the one monopose sculpt for all the male Fatties! Luckily, their repeated tradie outfit offered a lot more flexibility in the way it could be painted compared to the females (without going into stuff like dress patterns that was more effort than I was willing to do). So four types of overalls/coveralls and a variety of singlets, gloves and boots!

Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties

I decided not to bother going too far with designs on their singlets (why do Americans call them “wife-beaters”?) …you know what, don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know. Anyway, I gave one a classic Aussie blue-collar logo and two others got easter eggs from a very old decal sheet. You can kinda see here the sweat stains I added to the white singlets around the pits and manboobs, though the spatter adds a lot of visual noise there!

Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties

I also really didn’t want to go so far as to add ink to these guys, but that many bare arms on tradies just looked completely wrong. I mean, this being 2020, a good half of the female fatties would be just as inked up, but they can pass more easily than these ones. So I did another pass before completing them and added what I think of as “impression” tattoos. Mostly faint, squiggly lines that give the impression of detailed tattoos without being too painful to paint on. It’s not like you can really see what most people have on their skin from more than a couple of metres away anyway, amirite?

Zombicide 1st Edition: Zombie Fatties

And here we are – at long last, all of the Fatties from my Original Zombicide set complete. Now I guess I need to start on working through all of the walkers and runners (and the special walkers and runners). That’s going to be…. a. lot. of. fun.

23 thoughts on “Zombicide 1st Edition: Male Zombie Fatties – Standard Zombie Fatties Complete!

  1. You have succeeded well in the effort to differentiate these monopose miniatures, giving them clothing and accessories of different colors, and personalizing them with various tattoos and stains (and this with a reasonable amount of time).
    We are not Zombicide experts, but why so many overweight zombies? Were they already this way in life, or do they swell after death? To face them, rather than a zombie killer, would it be better to put a dietician’s miniature on the game table…

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    • Thank you!
      In game terms, they have a much higher durability than the normal walkers and runners, and additionally, the other types of zombie are shielded from shooting attacks due to their bulk, so they essentially fulfill the “tank” role (from shooting) for their undead brethren. I also got some extra models, and due to the design of the game, they just add right in… 🙂

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  2. Very nice work, mate! The final group shot is really fantastic. I really like how different each one looks even with the similar sculpts. And wife beater is a term that is both apt and funny (to me anyway). I always enjoy the opportunity to actually say the word out loud when I can! 😀

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      • The only thing worse than the term, are the people who favor them, I find! White T-shirts are the way to go if you need an undershirt 🙂 There’s a statement I thought I’d never make on either of our websites haha

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  3. Your painting has given each a very individual look to each mate, and the subtle Tat work works really well, being dead skin they would not be as bright as normal, and fully agree that a lot of ink really has to be seen close up to appreciate what it’s depicting

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    • Thanks Dave – yeah, their arms just looked a little too plain – especially given how chonky those arms are! Much easier to ignore putting ink on the skinny zombie arms. P probably should have given some of the women tats as well, but too late now – probabaly the next batch of fatties then!

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  4. Nice – once again you’ve got a lot of variation in there just by painting them differently and the end results look good. Thinking about it the relatively plain sculpts works well in their favour here actually, with very heavily detailed models (GW I’m looking at you) the eye is snagged by repeated elements appearing over and over again, whereas these being fairly generic makes for a nice canvas for lots of different colours of skin and clothing.

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    • Cheers, Wudu. You’re on the money there – reasonably plain sculpts with multiple pieces of clothing that can be varied, whether it be jackets, shirts/t-shirts/tank tops and obviously legwear. I was surprised that these came off so well given that they’re all wearing the same kinda specific tradie outfit, but having the upper pulled down saved them from being too clone-like.

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  5. Brilliant mate! I didn’t know the term was from the US, I only heard some youngs guys at work use the term some years back , they were always Jackie Howes to me as the shearers worn them when working in those bloody hot shearing sheds we had in NSW.

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