Reaper Bones Black 44011: Monstercrown Ogre Juggernaut ….Orc! #Monstermarch6

Reaper Bones Black 44011: Monstercrown Ogre Juggernaut

Although I haven’t quite finished sharing my February models, I thought I’d just drop a quick interrupt in here to share the first of my models for this year’s Monster March Painting Challenge being run by Swordmaster over at Path of an Outcast. I’ve managed to participate in several of these annual challenges and they’ve always been both fun and a good motivator to get some of the monstrous stuff sitting around Casa Azaza painted and completed. We start this year’s models with the completion of a Reaper Bones model from a couple of Kickstarters ago – the Monstercrown Ogre Juggernaut – but with a couple of improvements to remove most of the goofiness!

Reaper Bones Black 44011: Monstercrown Ogre Juggernaut

I started this guy awhile ago, then restarted it, then it sat around forever as I tried to figure out what to do with it. In the end, I ditched the silly Ogre half-skull and searched through my plastic orc and Ork heads for something that worked, eventually choosing this head from …I think Flash Gitz Nobs or something like that. I liked the pissed off expression of this head more than the armoured heads.As far as the painting went, I ended up playing with it a fair bit, using the large metal panels as a kind of study of light and dark and dirty on the aged armour plates. It was pretty fun, actually just playing with the paint for awhile.

Reaper Bones Black 44011: Monstercrown Ogre Juggernaut, Reaper 50153: Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

I also glued down a classic Orc shield over the coffin-shaped tilting shield originally on the model’s shoulder. The decorative skulls I left alone. This pic alongside Chainsaw Girl Berkeley shows us that he is indeed a hefty boy! I actually managed to complete two models for this challenge over the weekend, and there’s also a bonus entry from Marouda just about ready, so we’ll have those up in the next couple of posts…

24 thoughts on “Reaper Bones Black 44011: Monstercrown Ogre Juggernaut ….Orc! #Monstermarch6

  1. Great idea to swap heads out mate, he looks ace as a mean orc bruiser!! Love that armour too – it’s sometimes nice to have space on a mini to just play around with the paint! 👍👍

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  2. You’ve achieved a real aged look to the armour, without being rusty, which is no small feet, he works really well as an Orc, and the green head really pops against the armour.

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  3. Great looking model – love the paint job. Definitely agreed with the gang above – the head-swap works great! I need to get on MonsterMarch.

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  4. We just checked the original miniature: it appeared with the skull an embarrassing microcephalus! We agree that the orc head improves it a lot. Also good for the very fine work on the armour: a miniature completely covered with steel plates risks being too monotonous. Can you tell us how you did it and which paints you used?

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    • Thank you – and yeap that head needed to be replaced for sure!
      I started with black primer, then Vallejo Chainmail primer over the top, followed by a black wash (Army Painter Dark Tone). At that point I just played with it using Vallejo Model Air Metal Black in the darker portions, moving up to Army Painter Plate Mail Metal (old dropepr bottle from before they changed the formula), then I went back over and into it with Vallejo Game Colour Tinny Tin, thinned with Lahmian Medium and occasionally AP Dark and Strong Tones.
      Then up and down again.. like I said, just kinda playing with the set of colours which was achievable since the model is quite large with plain armoured plates – so there’s enough space to just …play.
      I also kept in mind wanting to have reasonably stark contrasts between the light and the dark parts of the armour, and used layers of vertical streaking and/or stippling for most of my “blends” and transitions.


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