15mm Terrain Unboxing Review: Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box – European Farm (BB204)

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

I’d planned to have some mini photos up today, but I didn’t get the chance to take any new photos, so instead, we have the next item of scenery on the Battlefield in a Box review train – European Farm, once again under the Team Yankee (now World War III) product range.

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

This time we have the building encased in polystyrene foam within the outer box.

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

And inside, the two halves of the building, securely held for shipping, like so.

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

It’s a single-storey (the loft is just decorative and is part of the roof piece), T-shaped building, with a garage-looking extension bolted onto where the back door might otherwise be.

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

It’s quite different to the very cut & paste style of the other Battlefront/GF9 “town” houses I’ve looked at before now, and I think that’s a good thing. I like having some more variety.

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

Inside, we have the standard lazy style of interior with the floor painted but the walls all painted black. I’ll have to fix that in the near future!

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

It does at least have a decent footprint, fitting three medium-sized infantry bases inside.

Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box - European Farm (BB204)

And here we are with some WWII armour for scale. It’s a decent size.

As always, I purchased this set from a retailer with my own moneys and have no incentive to say anything good, bad or ugly about it. It’s a pretty decent building that I intend to use for both modern and WWII settings/games. I’m not at all unhappy with the purchase of this one, especially given that it’s got quite a different look to the cloned houses elsewhere in the BFIAB range, and indeed – I think the range could have done with more options. I’m sure I’ll eventually go down the 3d-printed route, but not quite yet… As usual, the painting on it is fine. It’s fit for purpose and as always, the biggest benefit of these sets is “Open box, put on table. Done!” In that, I really see zero problems. Adding a little weathering/drybrushing will really make a difference on these, which I will do at some stage – I should really try to do it soon for the Season of Scenery challenge that Dave is running.

Overall, I give this one a thumbs-up!

16 thoughts on “15mm Terrain Unboxing Review: Team Yankee Battlefield in a Box – European Farm (BB204)

  1. Another great review mate, like the style of the building. Indeed a bit of weathering would make it a great candidate for SOS, as opening a box wouldn’t really count ! LOL

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  2. A nice review as always, mate! I think this one looks nice but the bricks are darker compared to the picture on the box. Does that bother you at all? You can always highlight the brickwork further yourself but I was a bit surprised as I think the lighter bricks are more realistic looking.

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    • Thanks mate. I have to admit I don’t really take much notice of the box art once I’ve opened these sets up. I always figure they’re the best presentation possible of the product, rather than a true representation of the actual products inside – much like the Space Marines on the box art or the burgers in a McDonald’s ad. Which is one of the reasons I’ve been doing these reviews.
      I’d probably vary the brick tones a little before dry brushing and washing and see how it all turns out, but now you mention it, I might look into repainting them a lighter shade of grey.

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      • That’s the right attitude to have. Since these are mass produced, it isn’t too surprising that there would be color variations as well. I wouldn’t generally care too much though I have to admit, I like the lighter bricks more than the darker ones you received. Though as you said, its easily fixed and you’re still saving tons of time so its all good in the end, I’d say.

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      • Agreed – mass produced stuff that’s hand painted by factory workers is always going to have a variation. I consider these to be both “table-ready” and “pre-base-coated” for my own purposes whenever I want to get around to upgrading them.
        As you say, much more efficient than the hyper-detailed but incredibly fiddly stuff that GW puts out in terms of getting it to a state where I’m happy to use and also “finished”.


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