WarCry Catacombs: Gates Pt.1

WarCry Catacombs: Gates

I was pretty happy with how the WarCry Catacombs Bridges turned out, so following getting those done back in September, I decided to paint up some of the gates in a similar style. First up were the “Skull” gates. Ok, sure, I realise that each and every one of the gates in this set could easily be called “Skull gates, but work with me here a little, willya? These to be seem to the the skullingmost of the various Skull gates. They come in the flavours of “open” and “closed” and feature a significant amount of real estate that reads as metal, yet has cracks – as though through stone.

WarCry Catacombs: Gates

As you can see, I simply disregarded the stone element and painted the edges as metal. The skulls also feature the same skull-cracks across the two… sculpts? So I simply painted them as two pairs – open and closed. One with metallic red insets and one with a more brassy finish.

WarCry Catacombs: Gates

I also really liked the effect of the bluish, verdigris-looking gates as shown on sceencaps from a video by a YouTuber called Tabletop Skirmish Games, so I had a look at his video and did something similar, though mine turned out a bit bluer which I’m still quite happy with. When I get a bit more time, I’ll undoubtedly check out some of his other videos and see what he’s got up there.

When I get a bit more time, I’ll undoubtedly check out some of his other videos and see what he’s got up there. In the meantime there’s a link to his channel and also to the video that spawned the Google Image Search screencaps.

WarCry Catacombs: Gates

So that gave me another six pieces of terrain for September’s bounty. I’ve only got another four of these gates to go – 2x two more sculpts, so hopefully I’ll have time to work on them in October with everything else going on…

WarCry Catacombs: Gates, Slaangor Chosen of Slaanesh, Slaanesh Beastmen

And finally, here’s a scale shot. I’m featuring some Slaves to Darkness-era followers of Slaanesh today since the size models have been pretty Khornate lately.

16 thoughts on “WarCry Catacombs: Gates Pt.1

  1. Very nice! I like the brass and red metallic accents. The blue skull ones look fantastic! Gives a really ghostly feel to the piece and I can almost imagine those skull shapes eerily moving around!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Badoom-Tish! 😀
      I need to get to the rest of the WarCry stuff at some stage. I’ve got a box of those spiky walls that I’ve been putting off working on for some time now – and then I need to work on the larger stuff…


  2. These are skull-tastic, mate! Perfect for Warhammer games (and others besides I’m sure). What impresses me is that you have a nice balance of realism and fantastic colors on the gates. That seems perfect for the forces of chaos to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Kuribo! I guess you could look at them as a pretty severe case of verdigris – which I think is what the guy I ripped the idea off was going for, though I kinda like the ethereal/magical ethos to them myself…

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