WarCry Catacombs: Bridges (Season of Scenery ’22)

Still not feeling amazeballs, so I’ve only been working on simple stuff. I painted these the other day because I wanted to do something from start-to-finish in a day, rather than slowly chipping away on multiple projects as is my usual.

These were pretty simple and easy to do, and I’m quite happy with the result. They’ll also work well for Dave Stone’s annual Season of Scenery challenge. I’ve got a few much larger scenery pieces on the go, but I’m not sure how well I’ll do at getting them done in time. We should petition for the Season of Scenery to last for an entire season next year – and if Dave doesn’t agree, we should protest!

23 thoughts on “WarCry Catacombs: Bridges (Season of Scenery ’22)

  1. Excellent work on the bridges mate, great colour choices they work so well.
    As for extending to 3 months, I’m game, but Roger and several others may take exception, and already said that no one should give me ideas ! LOL

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    • Well, overlapping challenges have always been a thing anyway – witness Zombtober/Dreadtober for example. Speaking for myself, starting in June would give me a bit more time to get the more impressive stuff done, and also give me more time with daylight and better spray weather! 😀

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  2. These bridges look fantastic, mate. They pretty much perfectly capture the feeling of grimdark for me anyway. I could use a year long Season of Scenery too. Motivation to work on terrain is always something I could use more of!

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    • Thanks Kuribo! I think a season-long Season would work for me – plety of time to do dribs and drabs the rest of the year and then three months to concentrate a little more on those big and small projects!

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  3. Nice work! The paint job looks really good on the bridges. Love the aesthetic.
    Haha and that A Train Energy Drink commercial bit was just too good. The Boys really killed it this season with their social commentary. 😛

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