October 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up – Zomb’tober!

Well, so October is now done and dusted – and despite the best of intentions, I managed to get none models completed for either Dreadtober or Orctober. I even had models out and ready to go. I did at least manage to do some work on a mob of 25 Orks, but none completed, so…

What I did manage to do was get a whooole lot of Zombies painted. We’ve been getting back into playing Zombicide again over the last couple of months, and so that served as a rather effective impetus to work on Zombies.

That wasn’t quite all, though – I did start the month by completing the Lich King and his three Abominations for the World of Warcraft Pandemic board game.

But yeah, all my berserker Zombies are now painted. Yep, ALL of them. Finally. I certainly don’t want to find more of them somewhere.

On a similar note, all of the 1st Edition walkers are also now painted. Even the extras that Marouda found.

I also managed to finish the first few VIP Zombies and Zombie Doggoez

There are also a few other models I got done in October that didn’t get their own posts – another set of Concrete Walls from Battlefront’s Battlefield in a Box range. They’ll work for Flames of War, Team Yankee, and can even work as short walls for 28/32mm games as well – as can be seen here with the size comparison with Mr.Fatty!

And finally, (though painted early in the month) there’s this pair of Levers from War Cry. I didn’t give them their own post because they’re not especially significant, and hoped/planned to get more War Cry stuff painted to go with them, but ended up leaning really hard into the Zombicide stuff instead. Still, I think they turned out pretty nice for such simple pieces.

I also added some extra distinguishing details to a trio of Fatties painted some time ago so they’re less likely to be confused for Berserkers, though I won’t be counting them in the tally for the month as they already got counted as painted earlier this year.

Most of this stuff qualifies for  Dave Stone’s Apocalypse Me/Zomb’tober painting challenge(s) for November, so that’s not too shabby on that front. Now.. how many models did I complete in October…? Time to count them….

4 Warcraft
43 Orange Berserkers
14 Guard Berserkers
10 Runners
4 Dogz
6 VIPs
10 weathered walls
2 levers

So… 93 models completed in October. That’s ….a lot. I guess I can really point to the batch-painting nature of all those Berserker zombies in their prison uniforms as the biggest reason I was able to get so many models done. I don’t expect to be topping that anytime soon, but it’s still pretty cool. Just a shame I didn’t get 7 more done. Now that really would have been something!

By the end of September I had 376 models completed, so this brings me to 469 to date for 2022. With under 2 months left in the year, it’ll be interesting to see how far I can push it…

25 thoughts on “October 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up – Zomb’tober!

  1. What an output mate, that is mighty impressive total both for the month and year, and so close to the target of 500 for the year, and even more impressive is the continued standard.

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    • Cheers and thank you, Dave! And spoiler alert: I’m pretty sure I’ve cracked the 500 mark at this point, but no chance of hitting 600 unless I go all out on 15mm …maybe I’ll try that in January? 😉

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  2. 93 minis is more than I get done in a year I reckon. That is a great group shot seeing all those zombies together. You should be able to get a great looking zombie wargame like Last Days going after this month!

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    • Thanks mate! Batch painting a lot of very similar models has been the key to this. Individually I’ve picked teeth and eyes, mostly because I’m a bit OCD – but highly detailed highlights, shading and transitions just don’t matter under the blood spatter.
      And yeah, that’s part of the plan – fully-painted games of Zombicide as well as a ton of survivors and Zeds that we can use in lots of other games…

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    • Cheers, AB! Very glad to have closed the book on the Berserkers. Unfortunately, the Toxic Zombies that I’ll be starting on shortly are much more painful to get cleaned up!


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