Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Bigfoot & Batabomination #Monstermarch7

Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Bigfoot & Batabomination

Another pair of Stretch Goal/Promo Abominations from Zombicide 2nd Edition. This time, it’s Bigfoot and the Batabomination. Once again, I’m submitting these two for Monster March over at Path of an Outcast. Again, these two models are Stretch Goal/Promo Abominations from Zombicide 2nd Edition. Bigfoot is pretty self-explanatory, and I do like how the sculptor has mimiced the classic walking pose seen in the infamous film and stills. The Batabomination is generally viewed by the Zombicide commuity as a *cough* homage to the Batman Villain, “Man-Bat” – and it’s pretty much a dead ringer, though lacking the webbed wings coming off the back of his veiny, muscular arms.

Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Bigfoot & Batabomination

Both of these were pretty straightforward to paint, though I did use both as exercises to practise some different skin techniques – purples and greys into flesh tones on Biggie, and some practise on faded blue denim a bit of tinted flesh on Bats – both on his ears and some blue tones to the veins on his arms. (shout-out to Roger and Mark!)

Zombicide 2nd Edition Promo Abominations: Bigfoot Batabomination, Lankyman, Slender Man, Slenderman, Black Dog.

I also realised that I hadn’t taken a size comparison shot for the last pair of these I painted the other day, so I added in the Black Dog and Lanky(!) Man and then recruited monster-slayer extraordinaire, Berkeley for the size comparison shot. Anyone else you might be worried for, but Berks – she’ll be fine! They don’t have a chance!

While Zombicide 2nd Edition does have several “traditional” Abominations in the set – that is to say – giant muscular and nasty looking zombies – I do like the way that they leaned into various cryptids for a bit of a different flavour to these stretch goals. It certainly gives you some more interesting variety of models to paint. And they’ll be easy enough to showhorn into our 1st Edition games as well once we get back to the Zombicide campaign… I guess next month I need to get back to the zombies… 😮

16 thoughts on “Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Bigfoot & Batabomination #Monstermarch7

  1. Never seen a Zombie Sasquatch before that is pretty cool! as it the Batabomination, looks like the Manbat from Batman, is that who it’s based on?

    So this is where you’ve been working on your varicose veins then.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. We like Bigfoot’s cruel expression and menacing pose, unlike many mawkish films about this being. The purplish tones you gave to his fur and skin make him creepier and go well with the bloody traces of his last meal!

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    • Thank you! I find larger creatures give more of an opportunity to add some extra colour tones and have them make a bigger difference to the overall effect.


  3. I’m with you on the Bigfoot pose being perfect. I don’t know Man-bat very well and so I thought maybe it was a ‘roided up Jersey Devil, though truthfully, I don’t know that crypto creation as well as others. Either way, these both look awesome and you did a great job painting them up! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I only have a passing knowledge at best on a lot of US Cryptids, or I’ve encountered them as enemies in the Horrorfied Board Game (recommended, by the way!)
      I should have the next pair of these Zombicide models posted in a couple of days. Just need to add the blood effects and photograph them…

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