Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat #Monstermarch7

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

Today’s post features another Zombicide model, but not from 2nd Edition, but from the original Zombicide Black Plague campaign. Another one of the really wacky Abominations, a sibling of sorts to the three others that I painted a couple of years ago. We have the Abominarat.

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

Aside from Zombicide, this model does have several other uses in games – when I finish building my Age of Sigmar Skaven (I’ve got plenty of models waiting in the wings), it can serve as a slightly-underscale Hell Pit Abomination (which is good, because I really don’t like the official model) and also as a (more “officially” scaled) Mutant Ratfiend when I use that same Skaven army as Kings of War Ratkin. I’ll just sabot him onto a large MDF square, or we’ll just live with the round-bases in friendlies.

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

Being a fairly large critter, this model also slots very nicely into the Monstery McMonsterface challenge run by Swordmaster at Path of an Outcast also known as the Monster March painting challenge. Which, let’s face it, is certainly helping me to get these larger models that have been sitting around for literally years (2, in this case) completed…

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

This model was kind of a tricky one to photograph as it’s very much a 3D model. What I mean by that is that the model has something of significant size sticking out on each of the four angles of the model – the head, tail and both outstretched arms.

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

Of course, he’s still covered in boils and pustules and growths, so I still gave them the usual red-yellow-ivory look to make them stand out a little from the rest of the Abominarat’s unhealthy looking flesh.

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

As you can see, I also added a bit of gore to the Abominarat’s left claw – this was made up of the messed-up, congealed remnants of my first pot of Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God paint. I later added some more BftBG over the top – and did the same to the little pile of gore on the model’s base.

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat, Reaper Miniatures 50153 Berkeley Zombie Survivor

The blood spatter was kept to just a bit on each claw as I didn’t want the model to be overwhelmed by little flecks of blood paint as it’s already a pretty busy model with all of the boils and folds and creases and spikes and scars, and of course those bulbous veins that I had to tint with a touch of blue to make them more lifelike. Berkeley once again comes to the rescue and does the hard work to show us a scale shot!

25 thoughts on “Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat #Monstermarch7

  1. Looks truly sickening mate, so excellent work on it, and I think the minimal blood splatter was the perfect call, it would have distracted from all the other details

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  2. Holy hell, everytime you post zombicide picks it just makes me want to go out and not eat for a few months and just buy these board games🙂. Great job man. Horned Rat would be pleased

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  3. This is absolutely grotesque, mate! I can’t figure how Marouda minds the spider minis but is okay with this 😀 I’d get in all kinds of trouble if I had this laying around. Excellent job painting up this big Skaven, mate! Those eyes are really something!

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