Minotaurs Space Marines – Librarian Theophanes (Chief Librarian Tigurius V1, 1995): Dauntless December ’18

Minotaurs Space Marines - Librarian, Chief Librarian Tigurius V1, 1995

My final model for the month of December – and as such, of 2018 is this model of Chief Librarian Tigurius, sculpted by Jes Goodwin. As I had a spare, I decided to do a minimal amount of work and use him for my Minotaurs Librarian. A tiny little brass-etch Minotaur over the top of the Ultramarines “U” icon in the middle of his chest, and we’re golden.

Minotaurs Space Marines - Librarian, Chief Librarian Tigurius V1, 1995

He’s a pretty busy model, absolutely covered with bling, but a great one nonetheless. I also think he’s a far superior sculpt to the completely unnecessary resculpt that came later on. I can only guess that the resculpt happened because models of this vintage were often quite flat, and “2D” in their posing. While the newer one isn’t objectively bad, it doesn’t really appeal to me. No matter, I’m sure it’ll be replaced by a plastic Primaris-ised version sometime soon.

Minotaurs Space Marines - Librarian, Chief Librarian Tigurius V1, 1995

In terms of paint, I’ve never been fond of Ultramarines Blue as a Librarian designation, despite not having a problem with White for Apothecaries/Medics, Black for Chaplains or even Red for Techmarines. With this in mind, I still gave a nod to the blue by combining my usual Minotaurs Brassy Bronze with some metallic blue on both pauldrons and his left arm. There’s a golden Minotaurs decal on that shoulder that no-one will ever see, too.

Minotaurs Space Marines - Librarian, Chief Librarian Tigurius V1, 1995

Aside from that, I kept to the usual elements. Mostly using silver and iron for (most of) the skull iconography, but using metallic green rather than blue for his Force Staff. I also did the “glowing eyes” thing using white and Nihilakh Oxide. Freehand Lambdas/Chevrons on his tabard because they fill the empty space in a way that looks good and because I can.

Minotaurs Space Marines - Librarian, Chief Librarian Tigurius V1, 1995, Minotaurs Space Marine Terminators

December (finally) brings reinforcements to the Minotaurs Space Marines.

And with that, 2018’s new models come to and end. To wrap up, expect my personal December wrap-up shortly, followed by the Community Round-Up for Diabolical/Dauntless December, and then a 2018 wrap-up/reflection/”New Year”/2019 goals post sometime after that. Probably around the middle of January at the rate I seem to get these things done!

The Iron Plague #4: Iron Warrior Plague Marines Plague Champion (1993) & Completed Squad

So here’s the final post for this lot – starting with the completed squad photo! Yes, I’ve gone for the 7-marine squad because Nurgle. I still think it was a dick move of GW to sell the new Plague Marine box with only 7 models in it, and especially so by adding three more models in the form of “champions” at clamshell hero prices. I may still pick some of them up to flesh out/vary my DI models, though I’ll wait till I find them for a deep discount.

Here’s a close-up of the Plague Champion. His right arm has been replaced by a Cybork arm from Gorka Morka which still manages to look the part of a cybernetically-grafted-on bolter. We know how fond the Iron Warriors are of mutation (not very) and so this seems a likely consequence of this fellow having sprouted a tentacle – amputation and some cybernetics attached in their stead!

The shoulder pad is one that befits a unit champion. It’s one of the Puppetswar ones that I discussed recently. In fact, it’s one of the miscast ones that they sent me, as the bottom of it is all messed up. How fortunate that years later, I’d work on some Nurgle Iron Warriors, eh? 😛

The rear views shows the cabling – originally red, but now repainted in brass. Less red on everything is often good.

This side view shows how the guitar wire I added to the Sector Mechanicus base makes the thing a little more integrated than the usual wires I’ve been adding on top. It also shows off the hazard stripes on the bolter quite nicely.

Finally another group shot – more of a line-up this time. It’ll be fun to get these guys onto the table and see how they perform!