The Iron Plague #4: Iron Warrior Plague Marines Plague Champion (1993) & Completed Squad

So here’s the final post for this lot – starting with the completed squad photo! Yes, I’ve gone for the 7-marine squad because Nurgle. I still think it was a dick move of GW to sell the new Plague Marine box with only 7 models in it, and especially so by adding three more models in the form of “champions” at clamshell hero prices. I may still pick some of them up to flesh out/vary my DI models, though I’ll wait till I find them for a deep discount.

Here’s a close-up of the Plague Champion. His right arm has been replaced by a Cybork arm from Gorka Morka which still manages to look the part of a cybernetically-grafted-on bolter. We know how fond the Iron Warriors are of mutation (not very) and so this seems a likely consequence of this fellow having sprouted a tentacle – amputation and some cybernetics attached in their stead!

The shoulder pad is one that befits a unit champion. It’s one of the Puppetswar ones that I discussed recently. In fact, it’s one of the miscast ones that they sent me, as the bottom of it is all messed up. How fortunate that years later, I’d work on some Nurgle Iron Warriors, eh? 😛

The rear views shows the cabling – originally red, but now repainted in brass. Less red on everything is often good.

This side view shows how the guitar wire I added to the Sector Mechanicus base makes the thing a little more integrated than the usual wires I’ve been adding on top. It also shows off the hazard stripes on the bolter quite nicely.

Finally another group shot – more of a line-up this time. It’ll be fun to get these guys onto the table and see how they perform!

12 thoughts on “The Iron Plague #4: Iron Warrior Plague Marines Plague Champion (1993) & Completed Squad

    • Heh. About two years ago I realised just how many of my models had red on them. Not to mention, blue, yellow, purple, green… and way too often – most of those!
      I’ve since found that limiting the palette more, and cutting the bright colours right down or out entirely makes what’s left much more effective.
      Besides, their holsters and pouches was originally green, so there’s still some red on them. it’s just been moved and toned down a little. 😉

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      • Haha well whatever else people want to say about Mike McVey and the Red Era all the models were well balanced in colour theory terms. But a lot of people’s models, including many Golden Daemon winners &c. were just a cacophonous cornucopia of colours … anyway what you have done now is a fine balance of the two worlds! Great work.

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      • McVey had the true vision of a painter, while most of the rest of us were still a long way from getting there. It took a long time for my eye to mature to the point it is now, and I’m sure I can still continue to improve as I go on.

        For example, the bases of all these Iron Warriors will be getting a do-over with some pigment to help further distinguish the models from their bases, but I’m holding off until I have a LOT more of them done, because consistency can be a bitch to get right if it’s done too piecemeal.

        It’s less bad on these guys with their black greaves, but it bothers me regularly with the “silver” legs on the others.

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  1. The new plague Marines are nice and do ave nods to the old 3rd ed Plague M. But I really do like the old ones the best you have there are some of my favorite sculpts in the Chaos old hammer 40k line I still love the champions the best the one with the spike on his helm and the half a face plate with tube out the other half of the face plate and the distended belly and Hoofed feet and a bolter ! I might still have mine I’m not sure I’ll have to look for it!

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    • Yep, that’s the McVey concept model. I have him (unpainted) but as with the other older figure, I’m not sure which direction to go with them now. I’m saving Death Guard for the newest models, so perhaps additional “renegade” Death Guard/Plague Marines hosted within another Legion. Black Legion? Word Bearers?

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