Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001)

Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001), Chaos Space Marine Lord, Warpsmith

Next up, the Iron Warriors Warsmith model. Quite an old model at this point, it dates from way back in 3rd edition 40k, more specifically the 3.5 codex release in 2002 (models are obviously sculpted some time in advance). This is one of several of this model that I’ve accumulated over the years. My first one I converted into an Exalted Champion (for 3rd) who I’ve been using as a Chaos Lord in our 8th edition games to date. I’ve also got one that I picked up from eBay as a bare torso, sans arms and pack, and one more, still in the blister to be used later. This one I actually got second-hand & assembled when I bought a some of a local guy’s Iron Warriors many years ago. I picked up this figure, a Rhino, a (converted) Vindicator (based on the Forge World kit of the day), and the Dreadnought/Hellbrute that I’ve been working on very slowly for Dreadtober.

Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001), Chaos Space Marine Lord, Warpsmith

So yeah, I’ve had this figure for over a decade, and again, as part of the finding and finishing 40k figures and putting them into armies that I’ve been up to lately, I finally got this guy done. As per usual, I remounted him onto one of the new Sector Imperialis bases. As he’s got quite a lot of cabling on him, I wanted to make some of them a little distinct without doing the whole “skittles” thing.

Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001), Chaos Space Marine Lord, Warpsmith

It’s a nice model but rather a busy one. Of course, adding in the hazard stripes of the Iron Warriors does nothing but make the model even more busy.

Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001), Chaos Space Marine Lord, Warpsmith

Interestingly, and sort-of amusingly for the “no model, no rules” crowd, this model doesn’t actually have rules in the 8th Edition of 40k – despite still being sold (as you could see from the link to GW at the top of the page). Sooo… I guess I’ll just use him with the Warpsmith rules. Which isn’t quite the same thing in the background (or equipment) but close enough, I suppose.

Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001), Chaos Space Marine Lord, Warpsmith, Narik Dreygur, Dark Apostle

We now have a trio of heroes for the Iron Warriors. The War(p)smith, Nârik Dreygur: Exalted Champion, and the model who I’ve been using as a Chaos Lord, who will now slot into the role of Dark Apostle. It seems more appropriate for that model’s build, after all. And yes, this means that a new Lord for the Iron Warriors is in the making sometime soon.

Despite my general dislike of changing models for new rules and new editions, I did buckle and replace the Bolt Pistol on the Chaos Lord (Dark Apostle) recently. He now has a Plasma Pistol as a small but effective upgrade.

19 thoughts on “Iron Warriors Warsmith (2001)

    • Cheers Alex. I think you’re right. It’s an odd model in that respect, being a very flat/2d sculpt yet with bits sticking out all over the place. The final angle does give you a sense of WTF is going on with him.

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    • Thank you Luke. There’ll be a touchup on the bases with some powders at some future point when the army has a lot more models done. It will (should!) make them look that little bit better and also separate the models from their bases a little more effectively. Just need to do it in a large enough batch for consistency.


  1. Aye, he’s a funny model this one – perfect from some angles, passable from others. You’ve done a great job of him though, especially managing to get those hazard stripes in there without making even busier than he already is. Personally I’m dreaming of the day when the Iron Warriors are given the full codex treatment (as per Death Guard) and Warsmiths (without the “P”) are once more able to bestride the tabletops of the world with pride. I suspect that won’t be for a long, long time though, not until well after all the Chosen Legions are fleshed out, and GW’s roving eye has given other factions their moment in the sun. That said if the Emperor hadn’t overlooked the Iron Warriors for so long they never would have turned into the bitter old heretics that plague the galaxy today. GW take note!

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    • Thanks mate – it’s often a “less is more” approach to the hazard stripes – trying to make sure there’s not too many of them from any given angle. As for the Codex treatment – that would be ideal and I’d love to see it – but I don’t know if we ever will get to that day. We’ve barely gotten the (re)beginning of the Chosen Legions, and the Black and the Alpha seem to be the most highlighted of all the others. Not to mention GW getting distracted by unnecessary shit like the Crimson Slaughter…
      I suspect that my next take on this guy will be more like the (now) Dark Apostle – body used but almost everything else replaced by (more modern this time) bits. And another saw-job headswap!

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      • Ah you went and triggered me by mentioning the Crimson Slaughter. Fair play to anyone who’s into them but what made GW think we needed emo chaos marines when the Legions were rotting on the backburner? Or what about the Red Corsairs? They really made me want to shout at them “Wake up! Concentrate! Vanity projects can come later, there’s work to be done!”. Luckily the whining brats were paired up with the Dark Angels in the boxset so they got to see up close what a real Traitor Legion looks like. Grrrr!

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      • Yeah, I’m fine with them being a thing. Have some background in the BRB, have a novel or three – but giving them a Codex when so many other established Legions and Chapters were left out to rust? Nuh-huh.

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  2. I agree with the others, great models. I’m guilty of the whole skittles thing with cabling myself without realizing it and I don’t think it would have worked for these guys.

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    • Thanks Ann. Yep – for the longest time I was exactly the same. It was only relatively recently when I started touching up older figures for the blog starting with the Ogres that I saw how garish and “skittles” so many of my models were.

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    • They’re a brand of lollies (or candy) that are well known for being bright, colourful and coming in many colours. Skittles
      Sometimes when people (cough!) paint things like cables in too many different colours, or accessories like pouches and other elements in too many colours – hence the “skittles” look!


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