Dreadtober 2017 Completion #1: Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute


Hey! I actually managed to finish some stuff.

This is my third try at getting this post done because stuff keeps happening! At least the first bump was only a flat camera battery. Anyway – here’s the stuff you’re here for: Pics!

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

So as I’ve mentioned a few times before, this model was one I originally picked up alongside a few others more than a decade ago off …some guy from the internets who was selling off a bunch of cool stuff because he was done with his Iron Warriors. The Warsmith I posted up here last time was one of those models, though the others are yet to come. I think he was dumping them because some codex release or another had made CSM not so good anymore. I forget, and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that after many, many years, my enthusiasm for 40k has returned and it’s helped me to get a whole bunch of stuff done, and that combined with Dreadtober meant that I actually finished this bloody model off, finally!

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

I kept the basic paint scheme that was painted on the model, though I’ve repainted entirely over the top of it – simply using the original paint as a basecoat – which is fine. The Lascannon arm is the one that came with the model, complete with gargoyle-headed barrels, though I added the Forge World brass etch Iron Warriors skull icon to the shoulder. That stuff is so soft, and I’m still so inexpert at using it that the mouth-grille got a little mangled when trying to make it stick down. Ooops.

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

The rear view shows the heat discolouration on the “in” and “out” pipes of the Dread’s engine exhaust. As I mentioned the other day with regard to those Plague Marines and their Plasma Guns, that’s the latest thing I’m playing with and trying to get down (so expect to see a bit more of it in the near future!) Obviously, a bit of blued metal to add some variation alongside the brassy bits. I’ve not gone the whole hog on discolouring the entire Dreadnought/Helbrute, as the Iron Warriors livery is, well. Iron. Dull, often dirty and worn silver. Not a multicoloured rainbow of metals (which admittedly look amazing when done well by people like my mate Nerdfest09 over on Dakka – but that effect is for another series of models).

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

The left arm is something I added myself from my stash of Forge World stuff, that I have been accumulating for years now. Replacing a well-intentioned but …not great converted Thunder Hammer. The mining drill-fist with integrated heavy flamer seemed entirely appropriate for the Iron Warriors, and also eventually provided me (via the elbow guards) with a place for some hazard stripes on that side of the model that weren’t overwhelming or over the top, especially since there’s so much of it happening on his right side. Fingers open, so – depending on the angle of the arm – he’s either reaching out to grab and crush his foes, or spitting out that promethean flame!

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

As the legion number was added to his right side via the large transfer on the lascannon arm, it also features much more subtly on his left shoulder, facing forward this time in the form of a small disc with the Iron Warrior’s designation of IV. The core model itself is one of Forge World’s older (and sadly now discontinued) Chaos Dreadnoughts – more specifically what became known as a Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, though apparently now they’re all called Hellbrutes anyway, and the rules for them are the same regardless.

Iron Warriors Hellbrute, Forge World, Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought, Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought, Traitor Legion

Oh, and did I mention that I went and magnetised both arms? Because I did! Now this guy is able to represent both the battle damage of “weapon destroyed” results (not actually a thing anymore in 8th edition) and he’s also like a semi-posable action figure toy. Hurrah! I say hurrah because he’s also cheering in this shot. See?

While I didn’t manage to do anything at all on Be’Lakor, I did manage to complete the other Dreadnought for Dreadtober. Another model that had sat half-painted for many years, I’ll have it up in a few days. Sadly, Melbourne has re-entered Wintry weather again for the last two weeks as we slide into the third month of “Spring”, so it’s still a matter of letting that varnish dry before some spot touch-ups with gloss varnish. So, sometime on the weekend, then!


14 thoughts on “Dreadtober 2017 Completion #1: Iron Warriors Dreadnought/Hellbrute

  1. great work! Contemptor Dreadnoughts have really ruined the ‘ol boxy dreads for me, but the FW ones still have a soft spot in my heart. This one looks great and the drill arm is fantastic. I used that one myself on one of my Contemptor’s (I think I have some photos up on my instagram or blog…can’t remember).

    Iron Within brother!

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  2. Looks excellent. I’ve never understood the attitude some people have that if a model isn’t going to win every game right now then it’s got to go. I think it’s because I’ve been in the hobby so long I’ve seen things go from “totally broken and overpower OMG!” to “totally sucks” and back again about a million times. Rules changes, cool models are cool forever. Mind you plenty of people could accuse me of hording a metric ton of miniatures around the house, although of course part of the reason for that is my tendency to snap up those very same models that people are flogging cheap because they’re no longer “top tier”.

    Anyway, good to see this chap getting some love at last – he’s an awesome model and always will be, regardless of what rules he gets.

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    • Yeah, I guess he must have sold them when the IW had a drop in their power levels which I’ve been informed was in 4th edition – so around 5th? I guess we play for different reasons and I’m happy to collect and paint cool models even if they’re not the absolute most efficient combo. Of course, I also think people who bitch about things like a “troop tax” are probably playing the wrong game as while I’m fine with playing in different ways, I despise “Listhammer”. I wish I could find those cheap models being sold off. Sadly in this country I’m usually better off buying them new via my sources than buying people’s secondhand armies when they bought them at local prices. As for hoarding models… [cough]. I’m sure I don’t know what you mean by that at all…

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  3. Love this! You’ve done a great job laying down the chevrons on the sarcophagus. Shame all these Forge World designs are now discontinued, they’re classics of the future.

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    • Thank you Curiso. The ones on the sarcophagus are actually “lined in” on the model (and the leg ones were painted by the guy I got it from) – so I just went over both to straighten them up a bit more. The only freehand ones are the elbow guard. Agreed on the FW dreads though. I’m very thankful that I managed to pick up a bunch of them before they were discontinued. Sadly, not all of them, though…


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