Minotaurs Space Marines – Group Shot!

Minotaurs Space Marines, Minotaurs Space Marine Dreadnought

Over the past few months, people in various places have asked me for some group shots of my models. Last weekend, I finally got a chance to take some photos, so here are my Minotaurs.

Minotaurs Space Marines, Minotaurs Space Marine Dreadnought

Yeah, I know. I need to get some command units finished since the force is technically leaderless at this point. I’ve got that Librarian who is WIP still, and a Captain who is mostly blu-taced together.

Minotaurs Space Marines, Minotaurs Space Marine Dreadnought

At least Dreadnoughts look to be as effective as they should be in 8th Edition. I should get moving on the other Ancients as well. Oh wait, “Ancient” means something else, now!

Minotaurs Space Marines, Minotaurs Space Marine Dreadnought

All in all these guys add up to a Power Rating of 25 under the 8th Edition rules, so it’s pretty safe to say that they’d get their shiny brass arses kicked by the Iron Warriors right now. So what am I working on? I’ve started selecting/putting together the models for a third Tactical Squad and a Devastator Squad. I probably “should” be working on more exotic stuff and things like transports, but there you go…

Minotaurs Space Marines – V Squad

I’ve gone and (finally) completed the last four models for my first squad of Minotaurs Space Marines. Their designation is V squad since I needed a squad number that would fit in their teeny little sculpted tactical marks, and I have almost entirely 40k 2nd Edition decals – at least easily accessible. I plan to have I squad as blinged out, II squad as somewhat less blinged, but still a little bit fancy pants. III wouldn’t fit, and the old-school solution to IV and VI squads seems to be “make your own by combining the V and the I”.

AOBR Tactical Marine, Minotaurs Space Marines

Three more models from Assault on Black Reach (2008), and a Missile Launcher marine from the Second Edition Boxed set (1993).

2e Space Marine Missile Launcher, AOBR Tactical Marine, Minotaurs Space Marines

And yes. I’ve had that guy sitting around in various boxes ever since I bought the starter set right after release back in ’93.

Citadel Space Marine Veteran Captain Flamer Marine Missile Launcher, Rogue Trader 40k2e Oldhammer AOBR Tactical Marine, Minotaurs Space Marines

Looking at this squad, made of 2e and 5e models, it’s amazing how little that the Space Marines have changed since their “update” from the initial run of Rogue Trader “Oldhammer” Beakies to the current form in the early 1990s. A little more bulk, and a little more bling, but very much the same series of models. And I’ve finally got a bunch of these starter models painted! Now working on the next squad, – VI – using some recovered secondhand marines as the base models and some resin pads including a few miscast ones. Sure, FW replaced them, but it would be wasteful to not use them anyway in some form, right?