Reaper Bones Black 44023: Hivewarden (Not-Grell, D&D Monster Manual 67)

Reaper Bones Black 44023: Hivewarden, D&D Grell

As I mentioned (I think) in a past post, when the Monster MAYhem challenge ended, I still had more than a couple more monsters in the active production queue – some of which I actually pushed on to completion in June! The first of these is this …thing. Reaper’s “Hivewarden” which I am sure was conceived completely independantly of all D&D creatures up to and including Grell. Grells? Grell? Whatever the plural is, anyway.

Reaper Bones Black 44023: Hivewarden, D&D Grell

Anyway, it wasn’t hard to paint, but was a little tricky in getting in amongst that mess of tentacles to the inner angles of them – as well as somewhat tedious in picking out the spots – though it does look better for having done so. I also painted the oversized googly eye in an appropriately cartoony manner. I should have gotten an eye-level pic of it now that I’m typing up this post, but I guess we can theoretically do that later.

Reaper Bones Black 44023: Hivewarden, D&D Grell, Reaper Berkeley, Zombie Survivor

Finally, here’s the scale shot with everyone’s favourite scale model – Berkeley aka “Chainsaw Girl” – alongside one of the official Grell models from the Wrath of Ashadalon D&D Adventure Board Game. This model certainly is a decent size, and it’s not bad at all, especially given the price. There is also a pretty nice (for the concept) newer, official Grell model in the Nolzur’s range – though I don’t own it or really have any need to at this point in time… – edit. Apparently I do own it. So look forwar4d to seeing that one painted. One day…