A couple of Dwarves…

Just a quick update tonight. A couple of quite old Dwarves from Games Workshop/Citadel – back from the 1980’s. They’re equipped with Marauder Miniatures shields, which date from the 1990’s. I’ve still got a small box of those, packed away in a larger box inside a room full of boxes. One day I’ll unpack it all…

These were painted about 10-15 years ago, back in the 40k 2nd-Ed Era (WHFB4?), and so their shield rims were bright yellow as were their belts. As I’m really not a WHFB player at all these days, and I prefer skirmish games and painting my models for display as much as gaming – along with my recent Boardgame kick, I fished these out of a box of finished figures, rebased them (still need to add some flock), and repainted the shield rims, metal of their hammers and also changed their belts from yellow to tan.

Lately, these guys have been getting some action in the D&D-style boardgames my group has been playing, as I generally prefer a lot of my GW figures to the D&D plastic sculpts – particularly for character models. (Ravenloft, etc) I’ll try and get pics of those figures up soon, but I’d like to get some more painted first. One pic with flash, one without!

How big *is* that Red Box Games Dwarf, anyway?

Probably as a result of my previous comparison of Red Box Games’ figures with GW’s LotR figures, and the current Red Box Games Kickstarter. I got asked if I could compare the RBG Dwarves to “regular” GW Dwarves and others. I do have a bunch of Mantic’s ones, but they got packed away with most of my recent-ish GW Plastic Dwarves. But I did have a few metals around as well in one of my figure boxes, so I’ve taken a few pics to hopefully help out.

L-R: D&D Miniatures, Reaper Bones, Old GW (Bugman!), Red Box Games, GW LotR, 90’s GW, Reaper Warlords.

Female Dwarves. Not a common breed of models. GW on the left, Red Box Games on the Right.

As can be clearly seen, the RBG ones fit in decently with the LotR figures, but neither fit in that well with GW’s stuff. Reaper’s on the other hand, appear to fit in near perfectly with the GW figures. The D&D figure doesn’t quite fit in with either, as he has the finer detail and more realistic proportions of the RBG/LotR stuff but the larger size of the GW/Reaper figures.

Some Red Box Dwarf Miniatures with a ruler in both mm and inches for accurate sizing.

A ruler to show some size comparisons across the RBM dwarves. I think some variation is good. Look around at your peers at work or at school – you’re not all the same height!

Dwarves vs Gnoll!

And finally, a comparison of Tre’s RBG Dwarves and one of his earlier sculpts for Reaper – in “Bones” form – A Gnoll Warrior. It’s probably also worth mentioning Reaper Miniatures’ current Kickstarter.

Any more requests for sizes and such – just PM me or leave a comment and I’ll do what I can!