Two more 4th Edition Dwarven Giant Slayers (1993-4)

Citadel Giant Slayers 1993-1994

Having finished the last of the Marauder Slayers the other day, we move to another pair of the Citadel Giant Slayers.

This pair has gotten a slightly more natural shade of orange for their hair than many of the others. Whether they used a different dye or theirs has simply washed out somewhat, when mixed into the units, they’ll help to offer some variance while still maintaining the visual coherency with the others.

Citadel Giant Slayers 1993-1994

As with the last half-dozen or so slayers that I’ve finished, I’ve attempted to again vary the stripey trouser just slightly from the neverending run of identical blue stripes. Clearly not by a lot, but again it’s simply about adding a little bit of variation into the unit so they still look like a unit but not entirely homogenised and uniform. They’re not a freshly-raised unit of Napoleonic Chasseurs, after all.

Citadel Giant Slayers 1993-1994

I’m quite pleased with how the tattoos came out on this pair as well. That’s one thing that this project has really helped me with. Well, two. I can now paint many variations of orange-to-ginger hair pretty much with my eyes closed. I’ll have some command guys photographed and posted hopefully within a few days, and then I need to start getting some group shots of the Slayers (and Vikings, and others) taken and posted!

A couple of Dwarves…

Just a quick update tonight. A couple of quite old Dwarves from Games Workshop/Citadel – back from the 1980’s. They’re equipped with Marauder Miniatures shields, which date from the 1990’s. I’ve still got a small box of those, packed away in a larger box inside a room full of boxes. One day I’ll unpack it all…

These were painted about 10-15 years ago, back in the 40k 2nd-Ed Era (WHFB4?), and so their shield rims were bright yellow as were their belts. As I’m really not a WHFB player at all these days, and I prefer skirmish games and painting my models for display as much as gaming – along with my recent Boardgame kick, I fished these out of a box of finished figures, rebased them (still need to add some flock), and repainted the shield rims, metal of their hammers and also changed their belts from yellow to tan.

Lately, these guys have been getting some action in the D&D-style boardgames my group has been playing, as I generally prefer a lot of my GW figures to the D&D plastic sculpts – particularly for character models. (Ravenloft, etc) I’ll try and get pics of those figures up soon, but I’d like to get some more painted first. One pic with flash, one without!