Small Scenics: HQ Resin Urban Scatter – Polish Resin #8

HQ Resin Garbage Bag, Road Blocks

Last year, after seeing some impressive Not-Shadespire terrain on mcmattillaminis site, I got all excited and asked him where he got them, and then went to the website to order myself a set or two of those models! Well, as so often happens with some of these small places, the promised despatch time for *cough* “in-stock” items blew out by several weeks and then when they eventually got here, some of the enthusiasm had dulled. So while I started a bunch of ruins shortly afterward, nothing has yet gotten to the point of completion. I did however manage to get a few models from the little baggie of freebies they gave me to apologise for the slow despatch (after several of my “uh… you said a few days 2 weeks ago?”-type emails). Both the Road Blocks (Jersey Barriers) and the Garbage Bag come from the “HQ Resin” line.

So anyway. These are done. A trio of small scatter pieces that fit into any kind of modern/post apoc stuff. Once again, Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge. While I do have more scatter to come, I’ve included these in their own post because they come from the same manufacturer, while the rest of the small scatter I have to show is another mass of Mantic’s Terrain Crate stuff. Longer-term it’s just easier for the blog and especially when I go back looking for things to have a lot of these things in their own distinct posts…