Small Scenics: HQ Resin Urban Scatter – Polish Resin #8

HQ Resin Garbage Bag, Road Blocks

Last year, after seeing some impressive Not-Shadespire terrain on mcmattillaminis site, I got all excited and asked him where he got them, and then went to the website to order myself a set or two of those models! Well, as so often happens with some of these small places, the promised despatch time for *cough* “in-stock” items blew out by several weeks and then when they eventually got here, some of the enthusiasm had dulled. So while I started a bunch of ruins shortly afterward, nothing has yet gotten to the point of completion. I did however manage to get a few models from the little baggie of freebies they gave me to apologise for the slow despatch (after several of my “uh… you said a few days 2 weeks ago?”-type emails). Both the Road Blocks (Jersey Barriers) and the Garbage Bag come from the “HQ Resin” line.

So anyway. These are done. A trio of small scatter pieces that fit into any kind of modern/post apoc stuff. Once again, Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge. While I do have more scatter to come, I’ve included these in their own post because they come from the same manufacturer, while the rest of the small scatter I have to show is another mass of Mantic’s Terrain Crate stuff. Longer-term it’s just easier for the blog and especially when I go back looking for things to have a lot of these things in their own distinct posts…

14 thoughts on “Small Scenics: HQ Resin Urban Scatter – Polish Resin #8

    • Thanks Dave. Just a black spray, careful drybrush with .. Dark Reaper, I think? Then again with a little lighter grey mixed in. And then the satin varnish to give it that proper garbage bag sheen!

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    • Yeah, we use “rubbish bag” or “bin bag” as well as “garbage bag” here – “trash” isn’t really used commonly. Basically Americans think we’re exactly like Britain and Brits think we’re just like Americans, since both really only notice the differences 😀

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      • Agree on the nice realistic paint job on the bag. From an American, please know there are regionalities here as well. For example, when I arrived at West Point, my New Jersey and Florida basic training roommates found my description of the room’s “rubbish can” totally comical as they never used that term. They called it a “garbage can” which flummoxed me as we in Massachusetts (back in 1980 anyways) had separate pickups for rubbish versus “garbage” (which was only food waste that I think went to a pig farm). Today we only have trash/rubbish and recycle. Never say bin bag here. Totally in the minutiae today I guess!

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      • Yeah, it totally makes sense that regions of the US will have theor own local words for things based on their history – especially a few decades ago before things became much more homogenised by TV and now the internet. I die a little inside each time I hear kids here mention “candy” instead of “lollies”… 😉


  1. That’s some good looking rubbish, mate 😀 The bag really looks realistic to my eyes and I like the HQ Resin products. They’re of a higher quality than some terrain companies I’ve seen. These would be awesome for Zombicide or maybe a game like Last Days.

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