D&D Monster Manual 47: The Legend of Drizzt – Hypnotic Spirits

D&D Monsters, The Legend of Drizzt - Hypnotic Spirits

Another trio of D&D Trash Models today from the boardgame, The Legend of Drizzt. The coloured plastic is a quite nice little thing if you’re not planning to paint your figures, but once again the attempt to turn out something that retaained the semi-translucent qualities of the plastic didn’t work out all that well. In the past, I’ve tried washes, and this time I experimented with Contrast Paints. They’ve turned out ok, but not exactly amazeballs. Could I have done a better job on these if I’d painted them using traditional means? Sure. But as with msot of these board game models I want to get them out quick and easy, and if I’m going to spend a bit of extra time making undead look good, I have plenty of Nighthaunt models sitting around unpainted that much more deserve the time.

Still, when we get to the Drizzt game shortly, I’m sure these will look absolutely fine on the table, and that’s the key thing for this model trio!