Mantic Terrain Crate Temple: Fountain

Another quick one today – and another pair of terrain bits I started just before last month’s Terrain Challenge by Dave Stone concluded – but completed a little late, in the first days of this month – a pair of Fountains from Mantic’s Terrain Crate Temple set. (And yes, I got two of the sets). I was originally going to paint them differently, but decided to go identical so they can easily be used on the same table. These will be pretty versatile – they work for historicals, fantasy, moderns, and sci-fi – as our lovely spokemodels here illustrate. Hell, I could even see these in a trashed urban area in something like Fallout 3 or 4….

Two posts in the same day? Yeah, I don’t like doing it this way, but I want to catch up rather than have the September posts run halfway through October (like August did to September). As it is, there’ll still be a few into October. Why not combine lots of stuff into fewer posts? I used to do that, but I like each thing to have its own post mostly because it makes things a ton easier for me when I go back looking for specific posts and/or models, so I’ll combine stuff from the same lines or that work thematically closely, but these fountains don’t play well with the mechanical whatsit from the previous post, so they each get their own…

Another Random bit of Resin Necro-40k-Sci-Fi Terrain

Another bit of random resin terrain, I believe from the same secondhand batch I got a previous piece from. Not exactly Sector Mechanicus stuff, it’s generic enough to fit into most any Sci-Fi setting I want to use it for, and could possibly even fit into some moderns if surrounded by enough other low-key industrial parts.

I started this at the end of Dave Stone’s terrain challenge last month and actually finished it a few days into September. I’ve got a bunch more to show over (hopefully) the next few days. I may not have been actively blogging, but I have been doing some painting, so there’s that!